The Productivity System You Need To Get Stuff Done


Looking for productivity methods that actually work? Trying to be productive when your life is extremely busy can seem like an impossible task. You feel like you never have time for anything and the only thing you can think about is how you cannot wait to run to your bed, close your eyes, and sleep.

When it comes to a busy life and productivity, it can feel like they are complete, polar opposites. This is because when we think about productivity, we picture ourselves doing a million different tasks that take a humongous amount of time.

1. Don’t watch the clock

Forget about the clock and stop thinking about the time it will take to get it done.

Eradicate the association of productivity being a ticking time bomb, waiting to blow up in your face and rather associate productivity with a mini, daily goal. It’s simple but this is the most effective of all the productivity methods that actually work.

2. Try micro-productivity

I like to do something called micro-productivity. To put it simply, Micro-productivity is the idea that one can be productive by taking a major goal and splitting it into a series of small tasks, making it a lot more manageable. I’ve learned to become an admirer of micro-productivity. Why? Because I can include it in my everyday life a lot more than I thought. For example, I might have a major goal to start listening to audiobooks. However, realistically, after a long and hectic day, I feel exhausted and do not have the willpower to do this task or any other task for that matter.

This is because all I can think about is the audiobook being put into my schedule as a block of time, like school or work. When in reality, you could incorporate listening to audiobooks in a much more effective way, i.e. listening to the audiobook while you brush your teeth in the morning, or on your way to and from work. Even if it is only for five minutes, your productivity will increase, especially the more frequently you do this.

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Bulldoze your day and start again

But what if your day is chaos and you don’t complete all of your goals?! How will your productivity ever increase?!

As much as you are probably panicking over this predicament. It’s important to remember that it is okay not to complete all of your daily goals. Yes, it’s incredibly frustrating, but what more can you do?

You can start fresh, bulldoze your day and build it up again. Perhaps what you have on your to-do list is unrealistic, after all? You can set several daily productive goals for yourself in your planner. I do this with an app, and in reality, I don’t tend to ever complete all these goals daily. In fact, I complete roughly two-to-three of them. While I might be disappointed, there is no point feeling disheartened because it’s still an accomplishment to complete even one. It’s about building the habit of being productive every day rather than doing as many productive activities as I can.

4. Small changes = big results

Micro-productivity is about finding tranquil and smart ways to split up your tasks. It’s about finding those small moments to do the smallest things and feeling good because no matter how busy your day is, or has been, you have completed at least one or more productive goals off your list.

With enough practice of the micro-productivity system…you’ll soon find that daily productivity goals will become habitual, rather than stressful and unaccomplishable.

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