The Pros And Cons Of After Work Drinks

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After work drinks can be an absolute minefield for any career girl. Excess alcohol can often lead to bad hangovers and even worse decisions. However socialising with colleagues away from the office can be beneficial for your career.

Here are a few pros and cons that are worth considering

The Pros

#1 Teambuilding

After a stressful week in the office a few drinks is a great way to wind down and relax with your co-workers. You will feel part of the team and get to know colleagues outside of the formal work environment.

#2 Networking

Depending on the size of your workplace, you may not always have the opportunity to speak with workmates and bosses. In a more relaxed atmosphere it can be a great way to make new acquaintances and get yourself noticed.

#3 It’s fun!

Working all week can be majorly stressful. If you work long days with strict deadlines you may welcome bit of downtime on a Friday night. It’s particularly satisfying to celebrate a successful week with colleagues.

The Cons

#1 There’s a risk of overdoing it

It can be all too easy to get carried away and fail to monitor your alcohol intake. This is not a good idea. No one wants to feel ashamed walking into the office on a Monday morning. This is after all a professional environment. Treat post-work cocktails as an extension of work and you won’t go wrong.

#2 Other people

This is a tricky one. It’s impossible to control the behaviour of others. Workmates may over indulge and put you in an awkward position. If someone has had a few too many and starts to act inappropriately then it’s time to act fast, make your excuses and leave. This will save you both a lot of embarrassment.

#3 Gossip

After a few rounds at happy hour the conversation may turn to gossip or moaning. Say nothing and don’t get drawn in. It may seem easy to get swept along with the conversation and divulge your thoughts, this is a bad idea. Nothing positive can come from getting involved in idle office politics. More often than not someone will relay what was said. It is best to steer clear.

Drinks with colleagues may be seen as a necessary element of  the job. However, tread carefully! Have something to eat, alternate drinks with water and leave before things get too crazy! Unless you’re one of those lucky few that work with your best friends and will never be embarrassed to drink with them.

By Catherine Murphy


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  1. You nailed the pros and cons on the head. Before going to a happy hour after work you should always have in your mind a drink maximum and learn to walk away or change the conversation if the office gossip goes to far.

  2. I always think after work drinks can be lethal – too much office gossip for me and too much of a risk of accidentally drinking too much! I think it’s always best to stick to a glass of wine – singular – over lunch if you must drink with colleagues.

    Little Green Fancy – New Lifestyle / Vegan Blog!

  3. I am always up for a couple of quick ones after work with my team, but i’m lucky enough to have a great group colleagues that I trust. I have had a few mornings waking up ‘omg i’ve ruined my life’, but we have all been there, done that and laugh about it together !

    Almost Everything

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