The Pros and Cons Of Working For Your Friend

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So you’re working for your friend – what could be better? Sometimes being at work with a friend is fun, but occasionally it’s not always a good thing. Carry on reading to find out all the pros and cons of doing the 9 – 5 with your best friend!


1. You’re BFFs

Working with your BFF is awesome. You can chat about all your old memories and you know how each other ticks. Need some help? Get your pal to help! A match made in heaven we think! Read our article to find out how your girl squad can get you a job if you’re considering it.

2. Deadlines…what deadlines?

If you’re behind on a project, that’s okay – a little word with your friend and you’ll have an extra day to work on it.

3. Lunch breaks are a blast 

Sharing your lunch break with someone you actually like is always a plus. Making small talk with your colleagues is sometimes more of a chore than fun.


1. Telling off time
When your friend, I mean co-worker, has to give you negative feedback, it can be harder to receive than someone you don’t really care about. Our hearts are breaking. Read our guide on how to deal with hard-to-hear feedback if you struggle with this kind of thing.

2. No special treatment

Even if you do work for your friend, they may give you no special treatment at all. Yeah, maybe you’ve seen them on a rocky night out, but at work, you’re just another employee.

3. Bad Work Vibes

If something goes wrong at work, it could possibly do permanent damage to your friendship. Maybe, you did something completely wrong or your friend took all the credit for a project that you had the initial idea for? Either way, this could mean drama up ahead. You’ll need to read our article on banishing negativity to overcome something like that.

All in all, working with a friend can be a great and rewarding experience. But, there are also some big concerns to consider beforehand. So, for the benefit of your friendship and your career, think it through first – is this the best decision for you (and your friend)?

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  • Camille Beygui

    I would be to scared to lose my friendship in this situation

  • Erin Elizabeth

    I love this topic because my two best friends, we met at work. One was my manager and the other was an underling of mine and people ask all the time if it was fun. Is it fun to write up your friend? No. Is it fun to have someone to talk to everyday? Yes! It’s a strange balance to keep and I’m not sure I would try it again.
    Erin |