In order to be successful, you need to keep all cylinders firing. Not only do you need to build your smarts, and solve problems, you need to look after every area of your life and make sure you’re working to your best abilities.

Sometimes, it’s just as simple as picking up a few psychological tricks and putting them into practice. These could help you on the road to success, not just for diffusing confrontation but for making connections and furthering your career.

It shouldn’t feel sleazy to learn how people work and try to weave that into your everyday life, after all, you’re simply trying to become your best self and make sure that every impression is a good one. These surprising psychological tricks will take you to new heights in your career and personal life, try a few of them and let us know how you get on.


Now, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. By mentioning someone by name, you’re establishing trust. Which could come in handy in the workplace, in job interviews, in all walks of life?

Just be sure not to put too much emphasis on their name, as this could make people feel uncomfortable. Instead, drop it in casually and let them know that not only do you know their name, but you’re a friend and can be trusted.


Studies have shown that using a second language can delay degenerative brain diseases by five years. Learning a second language improves your memory, attention span and listening abilities and causes your brain to grow.

All of these things are pretty much essential to a successful life. So, start with an app like Duolingo and try to learn another language, and speak conversationally in it.


Gratitude, and making lists of the things you’re grateful for, releases dopamine. This will boost your mood, and help you to become a happier person. If you want to be a more positive influence in the world around you, start with what you have and express gratitude for it.

Grab your favorite planner and start a list of ten things to be thankful for every single morning, make a note of the changes in your mood that follow.


This one is quite a creative trick if you want to learn how to control your emotions or build self-discipline, start by working out parts of the brain that don’t usually get much use. One quick trick to train your brain would be to change the hand you brush your teeth with.

Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand and you’ll see an improvement in parts of your brain that don’t usually get activated. According to some studies, you might even see an improvement in your emotional control.


Sometimes things get heated, people tend to shy away from confrontation but it can happen in all walks of life. When it does, it can be hard to keep a cool head. The best way to deal with anything, emotions, tasks, stress, is to start writing it down.

Get a notebook that’s sturdy and small enough to take everywhere with you, like the Make It Happen notebook, and journal your emotions. Free write and don’t think about spelling or grammar, just focus on solving your own problems by writing. You’ll feel emotionally healthier in no time at all.


Ok, so maybe you won’t win every argument. But the next time you find yourself in a heated debate, all you have to do is ask the other party to explain themselves.

Ask lots of questions which gives the other party little signals that you are trying to empathize with them as well as forcing them to think about things in a different way. This will help de-escalate the situation and get things back under control.


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Featured photo: Clara Mcgregor