How To Become A Go-Getter Girl This Year

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There’s no better time to create a new you than summer! It’s all about getting sh*t one, changing your mindset and bringing positivity into the new season. We all want to be a go-getter girl, the kind of girl who gets what she wants, knows how to ask for things and manages to stay on everyone’s good side. She’s the girl with loads of friends who just oozes positivity and happiness.

Ready to become her?

1. Stick to your schedule

Planning your day will help you stick to your schedule. So get yourself a cute notebook and stationary set, and plan out your goals. Maybe schedule in what you’re going to eat that week when you’re gonna work out, you’re social events, work commitments etc. Pre-planning will mean you’re less likely to break your plans and help you achieve your aims.

2. Be fearless

We can be our own worst enemies, and end up talking ourselves out of great opportunities because we’re scared. Go getter girls are the girls that always believe in themselves! If you have confidence that you can achieve something, other’s will believe you can too! There are great books out there of inspirational women who overcame self-doubt, so get reading, and learn to say ‘yes I can!’

3. Be fitter!

Maybe you’re an exercise newbie, or maybe you’ve stuck to the same class for years. Either way, by joining something new, you’re challenging yourself, and this will give you more self-confidence when you start to see yourself improving. Not to mention any exercise is great to get you moving, and ready for bikini season!

4. Try a new look

This could be as simple as a bold lipstick you’ve been too scared to try! Or you could go for a full makeover. A different look will make you feel like a new person, and this will build confidence when going out and getting what you want. Changing up your style can give you that confidence boost to tackle any board meeting, or face any challenging boss.

5. Treat yo’self

Being a go-getter girl can seem like you have to be perfect. But a little indulgence here and there is necessary for any girl. Drinks with the girls, comfort food on a Friday, anything that makes you feel relaxed after a stressful week at the office is something you should devote time to! Go getter girls should be rewarded for what they achieve, and no one’s gonna pamper you better than you.

Written by Hope Turner.



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  • Hillary Flinn

    Great suggestions! I’m really focused on building my confidence and prioritizing fitness this summer. 😊

    Hillary |

  • Akanksha Padhi

    I love the schedule bit, makes life much easier.


    • Lindsay L.

      totally agree Akanksha😊 x

  • Lindsay L.

    What a great article! And yeah i totally agree that scheduling everything and believing in yourself are key in becoming a go-getter!
    Lindsay |

  • Eleonora

    Great article! Love the tips & totally agree with you! 😊

    xx, Eleonora my personal lifestyle blog

  • Estelle de la Rey

    I had spinal fusion and only 2 weeks left of 12! Can’t wait to follow this advice