The Personality Traits You Need If You Want To Be Successful


Wondering what the qualities of a successful person are? Want to break the glass ceiling and be successful? According to studies, there are 6 personality traits you need in order to be able to do that.

A study asked successful women to take a personality test and several surveys that explored their success in different performance areas. The findings in this study were that there are 6 personality traits that these women shared. So if you want to be the next CEO, these are the traits you need to develop!


If you want to have that top position, you will need to be assertive and know what you stand for. Do not let people walk all over you, stick up for yourself, and do all that in a rational way. This is one of the top qualities of a successful person. 


Aggressiveness is often seen as a negative trait, but it is one of the key characteristics of a woman if you want to be successful. It does not mean that you need to be mean, violent, or rude, what it does mean is that you need to be aggressive in a constructive way.


If you lack empathy your success means nothing, just like Angela Ahrendts said ‘listen to the people around you’. Successful women are aggressive and assertive, but can also empathize with the feelings of others and act on that. Everyone has their strengths, but also weaknesses, and both must be addressed and recognized.


Do not mix this up with ‘big ego’ or arrogance. Ego strength is simply knowing your abilities, knowing your strengths, and having confidence in your problem-solving ability to overcome difficult situations.


In order to inspire and motivate your team day-after-day, you will need to have some serious energy. No matter how tired you are – being tired and weary are two aspects that unfortunately will come along with top positions – you need to be able to get yourself together, re-energize yourself and pass your energy on to the people around you. How are you otherwise supposed to keep your team on track?


Next to all the previous traits, you also will need to have a high-stress tolerance and be comfortable to be able in a high-stress environment.