Are You Having A Quarter Life Crisis? Here’s Why Life Doesn’t Stop at 30

Life doesn’t stop at 30. Let’s just start with that, because not everyone believes it. Yes, it can be hard to age, especially as you start to notice a gray hair here or there (or maybe even a crease in your skin that wasn’t there a few months ago).

If you start thinking you might be hitting your quarter-life crisis, you definitely need some motivation to keep going. Your life gets really good in your 30’s. Don’t believe me? Read on!

#1 Discover Yourself

Yes, there are some people who graduated from college and went immediately off to cure world hunger or cancer. The rest of us, though, spent our 20s wondering who we really are and what we should be doing with our life. Even if you were utterly clueless about your goals in your 20s, in your 30s you will start to understand who you really are.

#2 Become Friends With Mom

Was your mother basically a good mother – but you just couldn’t really see eye-to-eye? Things probably improved when you moved out, but things get really good in your 30s (especially if you have your own kids). Suddenly you will understand your mother better and, provided she’s a decent human being, you’ll actually end up friends.

#3 Gray Hair Don’t Care

Our 20s seem to be all about perfect hair, perfect make-up, perfect clothes. We are self-conscious when we leave home, knowingly not looking our best. It doesn’t happen overnight, but in your 30s you’ll get past this. Yes, you’ll still want to look your best, but when you see a gray hair peeking out, you’ll move on with life. You might decide you want to color your hair – but you make the decision because you like the look, not because you are worried about what others think.

#4 Confidence

Maybe you were totally confident when you emerged from college, but for many of us, college didn’t teach us everything we needed to know about life and careers. Usually the confidence fades quickly when faced with our first adult challenges, like filing an insurance claim or fighting with a landlord over rent you really did pay.

With nearly a decade under our belts, we figured out how to rock our career, how to manage our money, and how to navigate adult relationships. Instead of constantly wondering what to do, you’ll find yourself confident enough to give younger people good advice.

#5 Respect

Even if you know what approach your company or project team should take, it’s hard to get people on board when you are in your 20s. You are a baby!

In your 30s, you’ll have a history. You’ll speak with wisdom, which comes from experience. Now, you will command respect. Maybe all your ideas got shot down 5 years ago, but you can look forward to people listening up – maybe even seeking you out – in your 30s.

#6 Bye-Bye Broke

In your early 20s, you probably had a few times where you didn’t open your mail because you knew there were bills and you couldn’t pay them. In your 30s, you’ll be likely to own a home and have a nice chunk saved for retirement. That might not keep you from stressing out over your finances, but at least you won’t have to cringe every time you swipe your debit card.

#7 Past the Drama

Have you and your friends lived the life of a soap opera? While the drama seems exciting and interesting at first, it gets exhausting after a while. Either your friends will mellow out or, quite frankly, you probably won’t be friends anymore. Either way, it’s nice to be past the drama.

Go ahead and joke that you are 29 for the second (or third) year, but just know that life doesn’t end at 30. This is where it gets good.

By Kirsten



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