The Question You Should Ask Yourself Every Morning To Be Successful

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Do you regularly check in with yourself and set goals? We recently did a talk for Glossybox Sweden where we shared our effective strategy for creating effective end of year goals.

The strategy included writing your goals down, breaking them up into manageable steps, creating a vision board and holding yourself accountable. It’s not hard, but it’s all about retraining your brain to think about goals as something you achieve every day.

With that in mind, the most successful people know they have to evaluate themselves. Benjamin Franklin famously had a sheet for self-improvement that he would tick off each day he completed one of his values, much like we would try to stick to a diet or try to gossip less, today. Every night he would ask himself “What good have I done today?”. Which is a great question to end the day with.

Franklin was trying to become a virtuous human being, which is a commendable goal, and the reason why he was focused on the good he did, but for most of us, the art of questioning ourselves every day is a mental trick to get us moving forward. So what should you ask yourself to keep yourself on the right path? You could stick with Benjamin’s evening question or you can try our trick. Every morning when you wake up just ask yourself “What could I do differently today?”.

It could be that yesterday you didn’t achieve anything towards your goals, or you lost your temper. It could be that you want to try something else. Keep it in your mind throughout the day.

Why does this work?
This question stops you from falling into routines and getting too comfortable. It challenges you to think of every day as a new start and stop dwelling on the past. Especially if something uncomfortable happened, just focus on the future and try to work it out. We waste a lot of time stuck in the past or stuck in routines that aren’t challenging us.

As Arianna Huffington says, “It’s not ‘What do I want to do?’, it’s ‘What kind of life do I want to have?’”. So if you want to have a successful one, you should challenge yourself.

Try asking yourself this question every day tomorrow morning, you can even write down your answers and let us know how it goes!


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