4 Quick Beauty Tricks For Women With No Time



When you’re a busy woman, you’re running here there and everywhere. But it’s important to still look polished and professional, especially if you’re building your career up and smashing it every day.

Chances are, you’ve already nailed your beauty routine down to a fine art. Whether you get ready an hour before work or apply during your commute.

But you can always improve, your beauty routine can be faster. Your application can be smoother. And you can run out of the door looking like your best self. Trust me, I’ve done the research, here’s how…


Quick tip #1: If a surprise pimple appears…


Ok, so none of us like waking up with a huge pimple, especially when we have a huge presentation to give or an event to attend (been there). But did you know that trying to bury it in makeup will only make it so much worse?

You should be smart about the way you conceal a pimple. Whether it’s an angry one that appears overnight, or something smaller and more permanent.



Take a breather and add some moisturizing primer to your skin first. Before you start, you want to make sure you have a concealer that exactly matches your skin.

Controversially, start with a foundation, it will make your concealer work better and last longer. Plus it will give you the best coverage. Dab your concealer on twice and then set it with a pigmented setting powder (not too much!).

If you have time to try and banish it, use Mario Badescu’s Drying Treatment – it’s the best overnight pimple zapper ever!



Quick tip #2: When you’re having a bad hair day


When you’re rushed off your feet, it’s easy to run out the door, comb in hand and hope for the best.

But smooth out those creases and give yourself extra time to fix your hair in the morning. It’s easy, there are some products that make perfect hair happen in your sleep.



I’m a big believer in sleeping on it. The best thing you can do is apply a treatment after your shower, sleep with your hair wet (or prepared for example in a braid or plait) and use a silk pillowcase.

That way you aren’t tugging or pulling on your hair while you sleep. When you wake up, no more crazy bed head!


Quick fix #3: When you’ve slept in…


I must admit I’ve been forced to do my makeup on the tube – it’s horrible, but when you’re running extremely late it’s unavoidable! So, because it’s awkward you need to master a look fast! Even if you have like five minutes to leave the house.



When you’re running late there’s definitely no time to stress over your look. A tinted moisturizer will help you get an even look.

While Sara Happ’s Lip Slip Balm will bring warmth to your face.

And a quick sweep of boy brow will have you looking like you’re rocking the no-makeup makeup look in under 5 minutes.


Quick tip #4: When you had a late night

No matter whether you get enough sleep or not, under eye bags are a problem we don’t have time for.

Nobody wants to look tired, especially when they’re not. A bit of prep and a quick concealer fix will sort that right out.



While you can use cold green tea bags to banish your under eye circles, it should be noted that there are hundreds of products formulated especially for that reason.

You can even use eye masks while you apply your makeup in the morning, and a dab of eye cream the night before (if you know you’re staying up late) will make all the difference.


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  1. It’s time to stop thinking of doing your makeup on public transit as horrible and awkward! Commutes are a block of time that we should be able to make good use of, and if fully clothed and inobtrusive self care is what we need to prioritize at the moment, that is okay. There are plenty of ways to deal with the tight space and movement so nobody gets elbowed or dusted with product..

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