5 Healthy Breakfasts For Women Who Are Always Running Late

Mornings are always a rush, even if you plan out your morning the night before, somehow mornings still get stressful. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so there is no way you should be running out without it. So here are some really easy and quick breakfast idea’s for you Career Girls who are always on the go, one recipe for every work day of the week!

1. Vegan french toast with caramelized bananas and berries 



Just looking at this picture makes me hungry. French toast is delicious and cooks in a maximum of fifteen minutes. Wake up twenty minutes earlier and wave goodbye to the poorly made bap from the cafe down the road, instead enjoy this beautiful french toast. Why not have this on a Monday morning and start your week with a bang, you’ll be more than happy to give up your duvet for this breakfast. Find this recipe here.

2. Pesto cauliflower breakfast bowl



Instead of white rice try this cauliflower bowl instead, its totally filling and preps you for the day whilst still keeping your calorie intake to a minimum. The avocado gives a tender creaminess to the cauliflower which can be drying at times, and the egg yolk runs and mixes into the whole bowl. This is a protein filled breakfast which is going to give your body that extra boost in metabolism! This Tuesday treat your body right with this healthy option! Find the recipe here.

3. Avocado toast with hard boiled egg and chili flakes



Before this year, I don’t think many people liked boiled eggs. But I always liked them in part of my ramen, so I grew up loving boiled eggs, so imagine my joy when more and more recipes started appearing with hard boiled eggs. Obviously, not everyone is a fan, so you can always swap out the hard boiled egg for a fried or poached egg. This is a staple breakfast/brunch recipe. Quick and easy, you can even mash your avocado the night before so in the morning you just toast your bread of choice and spread it on! Fight this hump day with this amazing filling and delicious avocado toast! Find the recipe here.

4. Avocado breakfast burrito



Whoever said burritos was a lunch and dinner thing obviously has never tried this breakfast burrito. That hurts me. This burrito is filled with cheese, avocado, bacon and peppers! What more do you want from a breakfast? It’s literally a party in your mouth! You can prep all your food, slicing and dicing all your veg the night before. Find this recipe here.

5. Vegan bircher muesli



I never really liked muesli, I was more of a granola girl. But now after I tried this muesli my world has been turned upside down. It’s splendidly healthy, and you can swap in fruit every week to change it up, the possibilities are endless. But it’s also super easy to make. End your working week with this healthy meal because this weekend is going to be filled with alcoholic beverages. So you might as well eat some fruit before you do so. Find the recipe here.


Tell us how you got on with the recipes and what healthy breakfasts you like to eat!

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