Quick Morning Makeup Tips That Will Give You More Time To Sleep In

It’s not very often that we have extra time in the morning to ensure that our faces look fabulously put-together before leaving the house. In reality, we’re lucky if we’ve remembered to blend out our foundation correctly and kept our lipstick firmly within the perimeters of our lips.

If you’re one of the many women who would rather hit the snooze button a couple of times before getting up, we’ve got some quick tips that are perfect for those days when you only have a couple of minutes to dedicate to your makeup routine.

If you need to quickly conceal your under eyes 

s1317734-main-lheroTo save time, pick a concealer that is good for simultaneously covering dark circles as well as problem areas. Using concealer will instantly brighten your face, but if you’re in need of extra coverage apply a peach corrector under your eyes first. Bobbi Brown Corrector is great for superfast coverage.

Why it works: This concealer is perfect for very dark undereye circles, it comes in 16 pink or peach based shades, it’s also waterproof, sweat and humidity resistant, this long-wearing formula provides a unique, creamy texture. Available here.

If you want contour and blush in one super fast stick


Time efficiency is key with morning routines and if you’re severely behind on time, products that take care of parts of your makeup regimen dualistically can really be your savior. For an automatic touch of color, use a product that quickly perks up your cheeks, lips, and even eyes. Nars The Multiple is a great choice.

Why it works: These multi-purpose sticks are great for a rapid dose of color on the eyes, cheeks, lips and even body (if need be). Their creamy and sheer formula with shimmering accents allows for effortless blending and can be used for contour and even highlighting. Available here.

If your brows need grooming in the morning


Use a product that serves as a quick pick me up. An eyebrow product that is good for making your brows look as if they are perfectly groomed with little effort is close to magic. Benefit’s Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel is a cult product for a reason.

Why it works: This clever tinted brow gel contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hairs and creates natural-looking fullness and definition with the stroke of a wand. Available here.

If you like to be bronzed 


Bronzer is an amazing way to add a quick and healthy flush of color to your skin first thing in the morning. Use a fan brush and swipe the product across your cheekbones and around your temples, and also apply to your eyelids for a touch of warmth. The Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick is perfect for this time of year, gold, bronze and will give you a healthy grow.

Why it works: It’s a creamy, blendable lip-to-cheek color that can give you a bronze glow in just 30 seconds. It’s formulated to benefit the skin instead of just sitting on top of it, it plumps and perfects your skin while moisturizing and smoothing it, too. Wonder product! Available here.

If you like to boost your lashes 5145274

Given the shortage of time, you may not have enough minutes to spare for wriggling your mascara wand and de-clumping your lashes. To help speed along the process of applying mascara, use one that gives great results no matter what condition your eyelashes are in, and instantly makes you look more awake. Try Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara, to open your eyes up.

Why it works: This is a favorite of the girls in the office, it works amazingly on everyone, the lash maximizing brush gives you more volume at the center lash line and gives you instant, smudge-proof length, and volume. False lashes in one sweep! Available here.

These quick makeup tips will make sure that you are brilliantly made up for the day ahead with little time and effort. After all, who doesn’t love some extra time in bed?

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  • Kelsey

    Some great tips! X

  • ceereejay

    The Benefit product for eyebrows is what I really need. I spend too much time on my eyebrows in the morning 😑


  • Natalie Redman

    Some good looking products here!