4 Quick Skin Fixes For A Hungover Face



Chances are, this holiday season you’re going to be greeting friends and family with a little twinge of a hangover. Every year I try to go out for Christmas drinks with my nearest and dearest, and with Christmas day starting at 9 am this year at my house, I need to be fresh.

We’ve all been there, quick Christmas drinks when you’re reunited with your friends turns into fries at 2 am. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially not at this time of year. But if you’re worried about letting that hangover show on your face in the next few days, this is the quickest way to undo that classic dull, tired, post-drinking skin!


1. To cleanse the night before away


Of course, you should drink water when you wake up, but if you can’t fix the way your body feels, at least you can fix the way your face looks. Grab a complexion cocktail with chlorophyll and hydrate your skin while cleansing it.

Why it works: Time Bomb Brand Ambassador Michaella Bolder says, “Alcohol in any consumption is dehydrating for the body and skin amongst many other consequences (apart from the fun!) From dryness and dehydration, skin imbalance, enlarged pores, puffy face, sebum overload, bumps and breakouts the list goes on…To help combat the above contraindications hit your skincare hard! Cleanse and hydrate twice a day including the use of a facial oil combined with a facial massage in the morning.” Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail available here.


2. To soothe your skin and de-puff your face



After cleansing your face, you want to look polished and refreshed, but need something that reverses that tired, tight feeling your face has after a late night. A good face mask doesn’t take that long and helps your skin absorb moisture again.

Why it works: Natali Kelly, aesthetic practitioner and cosmetic dermatologist with several celebrity clients said: “Sugar causes glycation, resulting in inflammation in the face so ensure that you are using antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E and Reservatrol to combat this. A good sheet mask kept in the fridge before applying, can help to hydrate and soothe dehydrated puffy eyes and skin.” Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask available here. 

3. To quickly banish those eye bags

_9449716Heat worsens puffy eyes, so if your skin feels soft, smooth and glowing but your tired, purple eyes are telling another story, you need some cooling but effective eye masks to pop on for five minutes!

Why it works: The dragon blood complex intensely hydrates and moisturizes your eye area. Arnica extract reduces dark circles, arnica is usually used to reduce bruises, so you know you’re going to get instantly brighter eyes! Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks available here.


4. To undo the damage of drinking

791185_in_ppIf you’re freshening up with a bit of foundation, mascara and white eyeliner (makes your eyes look more awake) you need your skin to be radiant from within. A supplement powder that not only gives you beautiful skin, but lessens the effects of a hangover is an absolute necessary!

Why it works: The Beautiful supplement is an award-winning powder you can add to water or juice every day. Containing daily multi-vitamin and minerals, omegas, nutritious superfoods, probiotics and digestive enzymes and nourishing herbs. There really is nothing else you need. It’ll help your skin stay clear, so if you know you’re going out this holiday season, start taking it now! Available here.


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    I really, really want to try the Tatcha mask. I love their products so much, but they’re so expensive!

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