Quick Tips To Create A Home Office You’ll Actually Want To Work In


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The Christmas holidays are approaching, which means that we’ll probably be undertaking a lot of tasks at home. And we don’t necessarily mean work, it’s a great time to sit at your desk, plan your goals, figure out what you like to do outside of work hours and get shit done.

But who wants to kick their 2017 goals in the butt at an uninspiring desk with a few faded photos. You need your home office to inspire you every time you look at it. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a whole room for work or whether it’ just a corner of your bedroom reserved for a desk. Upgrade it to a place you’ll actually want to work in with these top tips!




Step one: Embrace color psychology 

It’s not always easy to redecorate your home office, but you should look for a few pieces that play with color psychology. Blue is calming, red is great for confidence and black signifies power and sophistication. Choose abstract art that uses the colors that give you the right feeling, or buy decor according to a theme.

If you know you’re going to be doing taxes or something stressful at your desk, you might prefer the cool and relaxing shades of blue, but if you’re building your own business and making connections, red would be more appropriate.

Step two: Make sure your furniture has curves


Wanda Chair Available Here.

Studies have shown that curvilinear furniture is more inviting and relaxing than straight edged furniture. The rounded edges seem more relaxing and comfortable, and maybe more appealing to our brains. So if you want to upgrade your home office, look for a rounded chair!

Step three: Get an indoor plant 

Besides looking good in any office, indoor plants help purify the air and make you feel more relaxed, calm and productive. They can be serious stress busters, and pretty to look at, without being distracting. Don’t worry if you’re a serial plant murderer, get a sturdy plant like a cactus or an orchid!


photo: Hitta Hem


Step four: Be mindful with your clutter 

Clutter happens. As much as we pretend we have the most organized desk in the world, it’s easy to put your wrappers on the desk and let your papers stack up. Putting a bin underneath your desk for papers is a great way to encourage yourself to keep it clean, you can also look into floating shelves that will hold all your knick knacks without them taking up valuable desk space.

It takes five minutes a day just to stay on top of your desk clutter, but you’ll instantly find yourself more willing to work!

Step five: Get a personal assistant 


Echo Dot Available Here.

How great would it be to be typing away and just ask your personal assistant, who’s sitting right next to you, how you spell a certain word, or what the statistics you’re looking for are, or to read out a recipe for you while you write it down? Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you rope in a loved one to perch on the end of your desk. Smart tech these days makes the impossible possible. The Amazon Echo Dot is the less pricey sister of the Alexa, but does many of the same things! Genius.

Step six: Find the sweet spot for your music 

Everybody likes to listen to tunes while they work, but did you know that productivity is enhanced by listening to classical music. Studies have shown that background music at the sweet spot of volume (70db) helps to keep you on the right track and doesn’t distract you.


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  1. OMG I REALLY WANT THIS ECHO DOT NOW!! …although I might actually rope in my partner soon with all this stressful work hahahah

    x M

  2. My ‘home office’ is in our studio apartment… it’s a little tough with the clutter as it’s one of our only surfaces to put stuff on… maybe we need a new surface to free up the desk…


  3. Loved these points!! I may need a “personal assistant” now :) haha x


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