How To Read The Minds Of Everyone You Work With

photo: Darja Barannik

Building a relationship with your coworkers can be pivotal to your success, especially if you’re looking for promotion within your company. If reading body language isn’t your forte, read on for my tips on how to read your coworkers better…

Watch them when they’re not working….
At lunch, or when they’re grabbing a coffee, are they chatty and polite? Are they comfortable voicing their opinions? If you study what they’re like when their guard is down, this will clue you into how they like to treat others and be treated.

Be on the lookout for “closed” body language…
Crossed arms and a lack of eye contact could signal that your coworker might be uncomfortable or uninterested. Assess the situation with caution and don’t pry.

Listen to them…
Don’t interrupt them in the middle of a story, unless it’s to ask a question. Try using questions that need an explanation instead of a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. They might really need a chat and being a good listener is a skill we should all have.

Pay attention to how they communicate…
Are they an email-only person? Do they pull you aside for delicate conversations? In order to communicate well with them, be sure to measure your expectations based on their behaviors!

Good luck!


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