How To Relax In Just 60 Seconds

As a career girl, your days could be filled with meetings, assignments and other time-consuming tasks. Sometimes you only have a minute for yourself to relax and prepare for your next project. On those days, you better make this one minute more than worth it. Here are some tips to relax in 60 seconds.

Get away from your desk

When you work in an office it is important to leave you desk every once in a while. Get up and walk to the coffee corner or even better go outside and get some fresh air. If you want this mini break to last a bit longer ask your co-workers if they want something from the coffee machine too.


A great way to relax in between tasks is to take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with oxygen and let go of your previous task. When you let go you can easily focus on a new project. Do this in combination with the previous tip and you feel renewed and ready for the rest of the day.

Give yourself a treat

This could be anything from a piece of chocolate to reading that article you saw in your mail this morning. Give yourself a deadline and treat yourself when you achieved that goal. It will not only make you feel relaxed after rewarding yourself, it can motivate you to deliver a great job within your own set time.


Talk to your co-workers, ask what their plans are for the weekend or how their children are doing in school. Small talk like that will take your mind off your work for a little while and you will become closer to your colleagues. They probably want to know more about you too and it is always good to have a work friend.

Give yourself a social media break

After you’ve focused for a few hours it is totally okay to give yourself a few minutes watching cat videos or pinning some delicious looking food onto your Pinterest boards. You give your mind a short break from everything so it can reload to focus for another few hours.

After you come home from a long exhausting day you can relax for a bit longer than 60 seconds. Make sure you have a nice and cosy home to come home to and some great company to talk to. Call your mom or tell your friends or significant other about all the exciting things you did today. It will really help to make you feel more comfortable.

How do you relax after a day of work or school?


Featured Photo Courtesy Of: The Fashion Cuisine