The Ultimate Relaxation Routine You Need To Do Before Christmas

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It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to get a moment to yourself on Christmas Day, and even unlikelier that you’re going to get time to gather yourself together after the inevitable family row (we say that with love!), stuffing your face with food, and getting ultra competitive at gaming with your loved ones.

That’s why we recommend trying a simple routine during the day like making a cup of tea. But to get yourself ready for the big exciting day (especially if you’re as excitable as I am) it’s time to relax and prep. Christmas Day beauty is a big thing!


Step One: Use a supplement 


It’s never too late to use a supplement powder. You need one that will give you an energy boost, and protect your gut in preparation for all the food, drinks, and fun you’ll be having. Ideally, a magic powder will give your whole body, skin, and mind a boost too. Making yourself a juice mixed with powder in the morning or at dinner time with food is a great way to prepare yourself for this stressful time.

What to use: Equi’s fundamental supplement is our favorite in the office. It combines daily multivitamin antioxidants, omegas, probiotics, amino acids, balancing herbs and nutritious superfoods. You don’t need anything else! It’ll support your body and nourish you from the inside out! Available here.


Step Two: Run a milky bath 


Get ready for the big day by soaking your body and soothing your mind. The reason why it’s important to do this is to get some time to yourself and give yourself a great Christmas Day glow. You want your relatives to compliment you on how well you look and how calm and on-point you are with all the activities, giving yourself some time to visualize the day, soak away any anxieties and treat your skin is the perfect treatment!

What to use: Herbivore’s Coconut Milk is skin-softening and hydrating, so your skin will look amazing on the big day. It also smells of natural vanilla, which means it contains vanilla essential oil to relax and calm the brain and nerves. Providing the ultimate rescue for anxiety and stress. If you’re on turkey duty on Christmas Day, you definitely need this. Available here.


Step Three: Stop the breakouts

s1785914-main-lheroYou are going to eat a lot of naughty, naughty things, and you don’t want them to show up on your skin in the next few days. That’s why it’s important to get ahead of the game and use a charcoal face mask to draw out impurities while you soak.

What to use: Boscia’s Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment is perfect. It’s not the only pudding that will be in your life at this time of year. This black-and-white swirled charcoal face mask detoxifies and minimizes the appearance of pores without leaving the skin dry or irritated. It has white charcoal and kaolin clay which will absorb impurities and help to give your skin a good healthy glow. Available here.


Step Four: Prepare your trimmings 



Christmas nails are important! My sister usually sticks false nails on that flick off by mid-day. If you haven’t made the time to make an appointment, and want your nails to look great, try a hydrating nail polish that won’t stain your nails. Go for glitter or a Christmas red.

What to use: Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Nail Polish is one of our favorites. It’s fast drying and inspired by lacquered coffee tables. Fine glitter is used to make a sparkly nail that doesn’t chip or lose color. And the packaging is beautiful! As Marc himself says, “Shiny is my favorite color!” Available here.


Step Five: Give yourself a bedtime treat


Before you go to sleep and apply your favorite moisturizer, give yourself a five-minute facial massage. This will help any makeup you’re planning to apply in the next couple of days sink in, and help your skin look youthful, contoured, and healthy. All you have to do is press your fingers into the grooves of your face and apply a great moisturizer.

What to use: It might be a bit pricey but Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream actually, really works magic. It promotes youth, anti-ages, hydrates, and transforms tired skin. It fights free radicals and promotes healthy cell renewal, so it’s the perfect skin protecting moisturizer! Available here.


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    It’s the day before Christmas Eve and I am sipping on a cup of tea and watching Netflix =o)

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    aw these pamper tips sound really good! i’m running myself a bath now!!

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