How To Reset Your Body With A One Day Detox



The quest for a healthier, happier you starts with a detox. There’s always a period of enjoying whatever you want, followed by a little guilt and some hard work. If you want to cleanse your body, reset it and get ready to embrace healthier habits, you can start this one day detox to get yourself on track.

Ready to begin?

1. Early-morning

This may be cheating – but start your detox the night before with an early night. Then, begin with a pint of fresh lemon water to cleanse your system, boost your energy and increase your metabolism by 30%. Meditate for ten minutes to balance your mind, then afterwards, create an antioxidant rich smoothie or smoothie bowl to kick start the day – we love an easy smoothie bowl.

2. Mid-morning

Detox day is for resetting, meaning there are no heavy work-outs in sight. Instead, head outside for a 20-minute walk. Oh, and turn your phone off for an added digital detox! A light walk will get your circulation flowing, while simply being out in the (albeit winter) sun, and surrounded by nature is great for mental health (and a welcome break from sitting in front of Netflix all Christmas.)

3. Mid-afternoon

You’ll have worked up an appetite by midday and you’ll be ready for a meal that’s light but filling. Have a hearty bowl of soup for lunch and pair it with a delicious salad. Make sure that throughout the day you drink two liters of water.

4. Late-afternoon

Avoid coffee and instead enjoy a cup of matcha tea and a handful of raw almonds to calm any cravings and give your body a super boost. Try half a cup of goji berries if you’re still peckish between meals.

5. Early-evening

Now is time to wind down for the evening. Enjoy a massage, and maybe indulge at the sauna. Both do wonders for detoxing the body of harmful toxins (I’ve twisted your arm, haven’t I?) For dinner, sit down to some steamed veggies, and some lean protein to treat yourself to the nutrients your body’s been craving.

6. Before bed

To end the day, try a short yoga practice, followed by ten minutes of journaling. The practice of writing has a way of activating our brain’s pleasure centers and writing down what we are grateful for is a perfect way to end the day.

A one day detox can be the reset button your body is craving. Once you remember that alien feeling of being hydrated and well-fuelled you won’t want to let it go.

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  1. I used to drink so much hot water with lemon and it always rejuvenated me =o) I need to start that habit again =o)

  2. I could definitely get behind this kind of detox

    – Natalie

  3. I’m so gonna try this !! after Christmas and NewYear my body is craving for a detox :) xx
    A Girls Journal

  4. I really need this after a long trip for the holidays. I am going to set a day aside next weekend and take advantage of focusing on me.

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