Jessica Alba One Of America’s Richest Self-Made Women Is Launching An 83-Piece Honest Beauty Line Next Month


Jessica Alba is the world’s largest self-made entrepreneur, celebrity, and supermom of the day.  This summer, her company – The Honest Company – was valued at $1 billion for designing and selling eco-friendly baby and home goods.  The first billion was a milestone, but definitely not the finish line.  Just when the public began to praise her for her company’s achievements thus far – Forbes named her one of America’s richest self-made women – , Alba announced that The Honest Company would be introducing a beauty line this fall, presumably along the same lines as the rest of the brand – transparent and honest.  I must say, it’s honestly a brilliant plan! 

The cosmetics industry is one of the trickiest markets for people with sensitive skin since makeup includes so many complex chemicals and dyes.  Even sensitive skin products can cause irritation simply because certain colours of dye can incite negative reactions regardless of the other chemicals involved.  Purples, for example, can often cause problems in eye shadows and mascaras even for women who don’t usually find themselves prone to reactions. 

Not much information has been revealed yet about Honest Beauty but we do know that the line is diverse and natural.  Besides the basic cosmetics, Alba has thought to go as far as to create an eco-friendly, skin-friendly sunscreen that is nano and aerosol-free.  And considering that she is quite famous for her glowing complexion, it would be a natural step to assume that there is also a skincare line in the works somewhere behind the scenes. 

Beauty isn’t about covering yourself up, it’s about enhancing the features you already have, which is exactly what Honest Beauty aims to do.  What’s even better is that now you can feel good while looking great!  If you’re at all curious, The Honest Company is taking subscribers on the Honest Beauty site, for those looking to receive VIP hints about the line before it’s rolled out.  Mark my words, ladies: Honest Beauty will be in all of the YouTuber cosmetic hauls this autumn. 

From Fantastic Four to mother of two to diaper-making entrepreneur, Jessica Alba just doesn’t stop.  What on Earth is she going to wow us with next?!

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