How The Rule Of Three Can Simplify Your Daily Life

Sometimes, our lives are all go, go, go! This can be chaotic, and more often than not, you find yourself wishing life was simpler. Don’t we all? That’s where the rule of three comes in! Bringing comfort and calmness to the chaos, the rule of three can be tailored to the busy Career Girl in the office, and even when she’s at home focusing on herself! Get ready to be the master of your life by breaking it into three steps:

3 goals

It’s a new day. And whether you’re aware of it or not you’re one step closer to your goals. But, if you’re anything like me, I bet you have six million goals that you feel are just not being completed! But that’s just the problem. What do you need six million goals for? Prioritize your goals and do three at a time. It will help you feel the ultimate Career Girl when you see them being ticked off. And remember my friend is that from birth to now you have already reached so many goals – getting that grade, finishing school, landing that job. Keep going!

3 To-dos 

I know what you’re thinking; impossible. I know what it’s like when you get into the office and you’ve only just sat down and your to-do list is already taller than you are. A good way of getting through this is always tackling the three most important, that way you already prioritizing and not procrastinating with the smaller jobs! Plus, this is a good one for keeping track of yourself – what’s the three things YOU need to get done today?

3 Projects

Juggling too many projects will only lead to failure, which will do nothing for keeping you motivated. I was always taught that sister projects are brilliant for getting things done. What this means is that you always concentrate on two different projects at a time. So, when you’re stuck staring at a screen on one, you jump to the next one. Apply this to three projects, your work baby, your personal project, and something you’re building with friends. You’ll be amazed at how productive you will be by bouncing from project to project. You’ll never be short of inspiration.

3 Mantras

We know that it gets tough sometimes. Whether that one person is pushing your nerves, or you’re feeling too bogged under. We’re always finding ourselves facing the crunch, and facing the tension. So, when it gets too heavy in the office, or when you get pushed one too many times on your commute, follow these three mantras to wash the stress away.

Repeat until you’re feeling more relaxed (don’t forget to visualize!):

  1. It’s not the end of the world
  2. Stop and smell the roses
  3. Relax, release, ease 

Who’s going to stop you now?

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    This is a great idea- both for work life and personal life!!

  • Jessica Wen

    I really need some focusing techniques right now – will give the Rule of Three a try in my study life!

  • Johanne

    I need some mantras. Sometimes I forget to breathe in and breathe out. And no, not reaching your goals, is not the end of the world…

    • Lisa Collins

      exactly Johanne, tomorrow is another day. Just do what you can, because your happiness is the most important!

  • Rasha Buda

    I enjoyed reading it, now I’m going to enjoy doing it. Thanks

    • Lisa Collins

      Brilliant @rashabuda:disqus! Make sure to tell us how you get on with the rule of three!