Should You Sacrifice Love For Work?

Less drama more fun! (Photo: Negative Underwear)
Less drama more fun! (Photo: Negative Underwear)

Sorry to break it to you, girl, but that big question is one that only you can answer. To help guide you to your own truth, I’ll share with you mine.

It was two weeks before college graduation and I had a plan. I accepted an offer to work at an ad agency, I had lined up a place to live in my new city, and my moving date was set. But then, somewhat out of the blue, I found myself with a new boyfriend who I really liked. A lot. Like, really love-liked. But I wasn’t about to give up my plan for a boy. So I pressed on. I moved for the job.

My boyfriend and I dated long distance for just about a year before we lived in the same city again. He finished grad school and I switched jobs, landing a big internship that paved the way to my big break into corporate life.

I’ve always believed that with hard work and determination, you can have it all. And I still believe that’s true, but I’ve learned you might not be able to have it all (or enjoy it all) at the same time.

To do well at work, you have to love it. So for a while, work might be your default love, especially if you are single. But that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t maintain relationships outside of work. Should you sacrifice love for work? Well, Leonardo daVinci said, “Life without love is no life at all.”

My opinion is this; if you have to ask, you already have your answer.

P.S. As for that boy I didn’t move for initially, but did in the end… I’m happy to say he’s now my husband.



  • Camille

    First of all this is such a beautiful story, and thank you for sharing it with us :) I think for me work comes before love because I haven’t met someone I find interesting, so I don’t see myself with anybody at all, but telling your story was a right thing to do as maybe some girls out there may think you can’t deal a boyfriend and a great job, but you can :) x