Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Being A Celebrity Made It Harder To Be A Businesswoman



Sarah Michelle Gellar is someone we all looked up to during our Buffy days. I wanted to be her so bad, fighting vampires, wearing cute outfits, dating cute boys. Damn Buffy. But, it’s good to know her real life is more ‘goals’ than fiction.

She married Freddie Prinze Jr, has beautiful children and is a bad-ass businesswoman. She’s the co-founder of Foodstirs, which aims to help parents and kids bake together by creating easy-to-use packs. She spoke to Forbes about her business, being a celebrity and everything else…and we love it.

The idea for Foodstirs came from her love of social media and finding out she had a platform to explore and build creative one, “But while people may have thought my celebrity would make it easy, it was actually quite the opposite. Sure getting in the door may have been easy as people wanted to see the novelty of “buffy baking” it certainly didn’t help me get taken seriously. This is a huge category and I know we are on to something great, it just requires a bit of perseverance. Also already being famous, I am under a microscope, which makes the process of trial and error a bit more daunting.”

She understands that it’s more difficult, which is certainly the case for Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow. She actually calls Jessica’s support and advice ‘invaluable’.

As of what she’s learned from this, she says that being in the entertainment industry had already prepared her for rejection, “When we started trying to raise money for Foodstirs, we had so many no’s it would have been easy (and understandable) to give up. Luckily I know, it only takes one yes in a sea of no’s to make something happen. My partner Galit and I made the best of the learning process that the first (and now second) raise was, and kept at it. (fortunately it paid off)”

It’s always inspiring to hear from women in the spotlight who decided to launch their own thing, and how many people think that it must be even easier for them to be entrepreneurial if they’re famous. It’s not always the case!

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  • Vicki Wallis

    Thanks for sharing this – it’s good to know that a celebrity as well loved as Sarah Michelle Gellar is hitting road blocks too, shows that we all have set backs and have to keep going!

  • Peppermint Dolly

    She’s amazing to put herself on the line as are all entrepreneurs! Always great to read that everyone has struggles and that it’s about believing in your product/idea and self to get it done!


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