7 Life Lessons We Learned From Charlotte From SATC


Having a bad day? You need a Charlotte to remind you not to lose faith. She’s the friend you can call to be told YOU can have a happy ending.

But compared to the rest of her wild friends, Charlotte is definitely the most conservative.

Rather than having a lot to say about her sexual partners, she instead has a lot to say about love and has a lot of valuable life lessons to share.


1. There is such a thing as happily ever after

Charlotte taught me that being sensible is sometimes a good idea. And that good things do happen, you’ve just got to be patient enough to find your happy ending.


2. To always have your girl’s back 

No matter whether you’re the Samantha or the Charlotte, it’s important to stand up for what you believe in and defend the people you love. Having strong principles is one of the things I love about Charlotte.


3. You’ve got to fight for it!

Charlotte was a romantic and she truly believed that love existed, it’s nice to be reminded to be more positive, optimistic, and a bit more Charlotte.


4. That the impossible is truly possible

Charlotte’s no-nonsense attitude to relationships and life might have had her unfairly labeled the boring one, but as we get older we realize just how spot on she really was. I don’t have time to be dealing with drama, and neither did Charlotte. Kudos to that.


5. To always know your worth

She knew her value and was comfortable with herself. That’s what was really cool about Charlotte, and something I love about her when I’m re-watching SATC. You’re amazing, don’t ever doubt that.


6. That you get wiser as you get older

Remember when you thought you knew the world at 16, then 18 and even 22? I do. Every year I get older, I figure more things out and realize that I’m so much wiser than last year already.


7. Cut the negativity out

What doesn’t make you happy needs to go! Sometimes you need a reminder that doing what’s best for you isn’t always easy, but it is the right thing to do – always!



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