Say Yes To Success: How To Turn Your Idea Into A Business

Every great business begins with a simple idea. That’s the simplest part. It takes a lot of hard work to turn your business into a success, and then once you arrive, it takes even more hard work to stay there. Today, we are sharing some practical tips to help you take your first steps as a career girl! You’re a career girl and you’re going to take over the world.

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10 tips to turn your idea into a business

#1 – Don’t wait for tomorrow
What are you waiting for? It takes long enough before your business gets successful start now!

#2 – What are you strengths and weaknesses?
As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t think you can do everything yourself. Let other people do things you’re not good at. It saves you time for other things.

#3 – What is your unique selling point?
When we started Career Girl Daily we wanted a blog that was different from the rest out there.
Our unique selling point is very important to us. When you’re starting your own business make sure you have a good unique selling point.

#4 – Make sure you know your product
Make sure you learn how to create a compelling elevator pitch. You need to know your product better than anyone else.

#5 – Where and who are your target customers
You can’t sell your product if you don’t know who you’re selling to. Make sure you do your research. You can make a mood board and identify who you would like to reach out to.

#6 – Let the world know you exist
Great, you have your business. But people will not come to you. You need to let them now you exist. So marketing is important. Nowadays social media and worth of mouth are very strong marketing tools.

#7 – Improve yourself every day
If you idea isn’t working, don’t be stubborn. Tweak and change it until it’s perfect. Your product will become better during the years.

#8 – Believe in yourself
Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and a lot of patience. Believe in yourself and you’re halfway there.

#9 – Find a mentor
Get advice from more experienced people and entrepreneurs. They will look at your business from a different angle.

#10 – Know your numbers
Right from the beginning know your financial stuff. Lots of start-ups make this mistake and it’s an important part of a your business


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  1. Some really great tips here! Another good one I’ve heard is to try and make sure your business venture idea meets a need of some sort. If you are providing something other people need, you’ll get a lot more engagement and it will be harder to push through when things get tough.
    I’m going through this process now and am pretty excited about it!

  2. Great tips. I have to say that #8 is very important. In order to succeed at anything we must believe in ourselves. Otherwise, we end up giving up. Don’t you agree?

  3. Nice tips, I would also add; have a business plan. No matter how basic, it helps you stay focused through the years. You know Where you start from, know where you are headed and outlines the steps towards getting there.

    Hi all,

    Please check out my blog,

    Thanks :)

  4. You know what?
    I love this blog. It initially came up on my bloglovin feed, and whenever I see new content I’m always so astounded that it fits me directly!
    Thank you!!

  5. Why are all articles lately focused on women careers/entrepreneurs? They are clearly taking over and better than men…we need articles like these just as much.

    Great tips though. I’m in fear of starting my own business. Have ideas but never going forward with them because they aren’t good enough.

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