7 Documentaries You Need To Watch If You Loved Making A Murderer


Being the documentary nerd that I am, I’ve probably watched nearly every documentary on Netflix (single, broke weekends can make you do that). But if there’s one thing I love more than horrors, it’s scary documentaries. Because it’s real life, it’s the truth and there’s nothing scarier than that. Knowing it can happen to you. BOO!

Take a look at our favorite scary documentaries, turn the lights off and break out the popcorn!

1. Hostage To The Devil


This is a sinister, eerie tale of Father Malachi Martin, who believed extremely in demonic possession. And it was this belief that drove him to conduct many exorcisms. It’s a dark, satanic story that might make you quiver just a little bit! Well, maybe it’s best if you stay under the quilt!


2. The Nightmare

Before its release, I had been anticipating this one! Meant to be the first documentary that took on the characteristics of a horror, it’s terrifying. It’s a documentary that takes you into the nightmare of sleep paralysis.

Australien skies

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m obsessed with aliens. It may not scare you in a typical horror kind of a way, but what could be out there is way more fascinating (and creepy) to me than what we already know!

The Confessions Of Thomas Quick

A creepy take on your average serial killer documentary. It tells of Sture Ragnar Bergwall, or better known as Thomas Quick, the man who withdrew his confessions for more than thirty murders. See this disturbing story and be horrified.

The Imposter

This is the story of a 13-year-old boy who went missing. Three years later he showed up in Spain. But he disappeared in Texas. An investigator has set out to unravel this spooky mystery. And it’s one you won’t expect. Truly, one of my favorites!


Glory Daze

Oh my gosh! You’re pulled into this documentary straight away, even if you weren’t interested reading its bio. It’s amazing, shocking and unexpected. Following Michael Alig, a sociopath who bragged about the things that he had done, but also his days as one of New York’s most known party boys!

Josef Fritzl: Story of a Monster 

You probably know his story a little bit, I mean it’s one of those stories that captivate the world. He’s the man who did unspeakable things to his own daughter and kept her captive for years. There’s a reason he’s known as a monster, but this documentary charts the impact he had on the people who knew him.

The Keepers

This is the next Making A Murderer. This documentary is all about the murder of Sister Cathy. She might have been killed for asking too many of the wrong questions, and her murder has haunted the community ever since. But for the full story, you’ll have to watch in on May 19th.

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