The Secret To Success That Every Blogger Should Know

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photo: Chloe Digital


A lot more goes into a successful blog than most of us realize, sure it’s all about posting great content, taking photos, keeping up with your social accounts and engaging with your community. But most of the time, the key to success lies in the technological parts. It’s all about creating strategies and analyzing your content, and it’s something that a lot of bloggers forget about.


photo: Chloe Digital


That’s where Chloe Watts steps in, the genius behind most of the successful blogs you know. Her company, Chloe Digital, works behind the scenes on most of the successful blogs analyzing, creating goal plans, and coding to make sure the site is the best it can be!

So whether you’re are an (aspiring) blogger, a girl interested in tech or want to know how to turn your passion into a business, clear your schedule and save Sunday 29th January for our Career Girl Academy, because Chloe will be sharing all!

#1 How to survive in the tech industry

Companies like Chloe Digital are changing our perceptions of the technological world! So it’s easier than ever to break into tech and make it into a dream job. Chloe proved that fashion and technology can go hand in hand. So she’s something of an expert when it comes to coding, web development, and all the career paths that tech can lead you to.

She’ll tell you not only how to land a job in the tech industry, but what advice she can give you and what skills you can learn at home!

#2 Why you need a good strategy for your blog

Chloe’s analysis expertise helps bloggers like Gal Meets Glam take their blogs to the next level. So she’ll be sharing her insider advice, tips, and tricks, and the strategies that work for her clients. This will be an opportunity to pick the brains of the woman working behind the scenes on the big fashion blogs, so get ready to take notes!

#3 The tools you need to run a successful blog

Chloe will be revealing her secret weapons for creating a successful blog. All the tools she relies on and all the advice she gives to the bloggers she works with, so you can walk away from the academy knowing how to make your blog even more successful and all the secrets that top fashion bloggers rely on to make sure their site runs smoothly.

Ready to find out the secrets to a successful blog? Don’t forget to take notes, because this is going to be one masterclass that’ll change your blogging life!

Limited tickets are still available for the Career Girl Academy. We really can’t wait to meet you there! 



  1. Wish this was in New York.. just a suggestion but a live stream would be cool too, I’d definitely pay to watch it since I am “across the pond” from the event

  2. I am so so sad that i couldn’t make it, please, please next time mainstream, i am on the other side of the pond on Colombia and it is kind of hard to get the visa even the tourist visa plus tickets and all, i wanted so bad to be there

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