The Tips For Success You Need To Know If You’re An Introvert



At this time of year, it’s time to get a bit introspective. By the end of the year, you probably have a list of qualities you’d like to improve about yourself. One stereotype about introverts we often hear is that people are either extroverted or introverted. In the modern age, we know that is just simply not true. Most people lean more to one side, either extroverted or introverted. You might not even know that you’re an introvert.

Extroverted people usually flourish in social situations, so things like networking are no sweat for them. But don’t fret, if you’re more introverted you’ve still got a lot of power in your career. Take these social tips for introverts to help you make the most of who you are. You don’t need to change, some of the most successful people are introverted.


1. Find out your personality type 

This free personality test is one of the best out there, it’ll give you a complete picture of who you are, what motivates you and the kind of situation and career that would suit you. Start by figuring out who you really are, take fifteen minutes out of your day to sit quietly and really think about the questions, you might be surprised about the kind of personality you have and find that you lean more towards an introvert.

Understanding what kind of introvert you are will help you in the long run. Not only will understanding yourself help you understand others, but it will also help you communicate better with your team and hold your hands up when you know something is a limitation for you.


2. Know that your weaknesses are actually strengths

Some introverts are happy in large social situations, they just feel emotionally and physically drained afterward. While others prefer to get a read on people and find out where they fit in the group before they take on any socializing. What you might need to do is reassess the things you think are weaknesses. Being able to read people and also communicating with people you trust over people you don’t know can be strengths. In a corporate environment, you’ll be more hesitant to make rash decisions to please people.


2. Be realistic about yourself 

You know what you can handle. Some people get energy from people, while others feel drained by them. Some people love to communicate, and others dread it. No amount of New Year’s Resolutions is going to change that, you can’t change who you fundamentally are. So you should accept it. Say no to things that you know are going to drain you or make you feel uncomfortable. But don’t rely on the word to stay inside your comfort zone. You need to know the difference between being afraid to try and being realistic.

If you’re afraid to try something, you always should.


3. Use technology to get ahead 

The best thing about being an introvert nowadays is that you can use the internet to get ahead. Networking can be taken online, connections can be made via LinkedIn, and you can practice socializing with others without feeling drained. Twitter is a great conversational tool for those who are usually distracted by people and can’t keep up with multiple conversations. While you might find, if you’ve talked with someone online extensively, it’s easier to talk to them in real life.


4. Socialize with extroverts 

Do you have any truly extroverted friends or family members? If you’re very introverted, you might find it difficult to communicate with them and find them taking over the conversation often. It’s important to talk with them though, to experience the world from their point of view and, especially if you find yourself getting overpowered by extroverted people, fight for your right to be heard.

In life, everyone is different, and if you find common ground with someone that has a different personality type than you, it’ll help you in the long run. You might find you can balance out an extroverted person, while they can take over the parts you don’t like, like reaching out to new people.


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  1. I’m all for using the power of introversion in my work.

    I’m a singer by trade, therefore you would expect I would struggle in such an extroverted environment, but I find that being an introvert has actually help me build stronger connections with the people around me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate the initial introduction, but the connections built by listening to the people around me are all the stronger for it.

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