The 10 Habits Of Self Made Millionaires

It’s not all about money, we know that. But every so often we find someone who has managed to make it to the top with hard work and makes us wonder how to become a millionaire ! Those self-made millionaires who believed in their passion and their business and became super successful. So want to know what they did to stay motivated, dedicated and career to the top?


How to become a millionaire


1. They Wake Up Early

The early bird catches the worm. We know successful people wake up early, they do this because there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Whether they’re working on their own businesses, meditating, hiking, exercising or just catching up with the news. Their busy lives start early. Start with the right foot by waking up early to be ahead of anyone else and be able to tick everything on your to-do list.

2. They Read

Reading opens your mind by inspiring you, teaching you new lessons and keeping you updated on what’s going on around the world. Successful people want to constantly improve their lifestyle and stay updated on the world, reading books you wouldn’t normally have picked up, books from other perspectives, and books on world issues is a great way to keep your mind open.

3. They Exercise

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Exercising is not only key for your body but also for your brain, improving your mental performance and productivity. Self-made millionaires work damn hard, which means they need an outlet, and exercising is the perfect one.

4. They Have (Or Had) A Mentor

As Thomas C. Corley wrote in his book Change Your Habits, Change Your Life,Success mentors do more than simply influence your life in some positive way. They regularly and actively participate in your success by teaching you what to do and what not to do. They share with you valuable life lessons they learned either from their own mentors or from the school of hard knocks.” Successful people don’t sit at the top all alone, they rely on people to help them grow their empire.

5. They Followed Their Passion

It’s as easy as this: do what you love, follow your passion and success will come. When you do something you’re passionate about you will be much more inclined to work harder and do everything it takes to succeed.

6. They Hang Out With Successful People

Hanging out with the right crew is key to success. Successful people can inspire you, teach you and push you to constantly step out of your comfort zone, helping you to set your determination bar very high.

7. They Invest In Other People

Self-made millionaires are people that weren’t born with such status. They know how hard life can get and for this reason they give back to society. Being charitable is a great habit that we should all adopt (if we haven’t already).

8. They Don’t Know Negativity

In order to gain long-term success, you need to a have a positive mindset. That’s why self-made millionaires don’t know the meaning of the word “negativity” and surround themselves with positive-minded people. If you don’t believe in it yourself, who else will?

9. They Don’t Go With The Flow

Leaders often take unpopular decisions and don’t go with the flow. The whole reason they’re self-made millionaires is that they put themselves apart from the crowd and decided to do something that was terrifying

10. They Seek Feedback

Criticism helps us grow and that’s exactly why self-made millionaires don’t run away from it: they know how important it is. Feedback is essential to learning what is working and what is not. Being humble will always help you go far in life.

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  • Carolina Calpurnia

    So many wise advise, thank you !!

    Carolina ;)

  • Claudia Glam



  • Kaylee Karcher

    I absolutely love this post (as always)! I love reading posts like this and realizing that I am already doing a lot of these things, or that I have goals to start doing them! It makes me feel empowered and believe that I am on the right track in life! Thank you!
    XX -Kaylee K

  • La

    It is proen that people that are night owls are more creative and work better. what a loads of nonsense that you have to get up early. this all depends on if you are a morning or evening person. I get my best work done between 16.00-23.00 lol

  • La

    It is proven that people that are night owls are more creative and work
    better. what a loads of nonsense that you have to get up early. this all
    depends on if you are a morning or evening person. I get my best work
    done between 16.00-23.00 lol

  • Linda C Hughes

    Been doing all these practices the past year & upping my game even more this year with the exception of hanging out with successful people. I don’t have any of those in my inner circle as of yet(Don’t know any). My group consist of dream chasers & go getters like me, which is all good as we push & motivate each other to step up our game.

  • Natalie Redman

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary Ryabich

    you`ve wrote right things, thnx!

  • Andrea Orrego

    These are so true! I’ve been implementing some of these into my personal life as well, especially, the reading one. Here’s a list of my favorite books that help me stay on track with these habits: