Selfie Success! How To Look Great In Every Photo


Pictures are taken more frequently than ever these days, and we all like to look our best in them. We have all had the experience of looking at a recently snapped selfie and not feeling completely enthused with the image we see. With these tips, that won’t be a problem ever again. This is how to ensure that you always look great in a photo!

Look through old pictures. Go back through some old pictures on your phone or even browse through some old yearbooks from school. What do you notice about the shots you like? What about the ones you don’t? Maybe you like the way your head it tilted slightly in one or you don’t like the color of shirt you are wearing in another because it washes you out. Take note and apply what you see in the future.



‘Pay attention to your surroundings as well’

Find good lighting and a good background. Too much light or light coming from the wrong direction can result in a harsh looking photo. The best times to take a photo are when you find yourself in a slightly shaded area or on an overcast day. Pay attention to your surroundings as well. What do you want the backdrop to look like? Probably not a dumpster or a toilet, right? So stop the bathroom selfies and find a good location with the best light you can and it will help immensely.

Don’t force your smile. You know what I mean. We have all been there, clenching our teeth until it hurts while waiting for the photographer to count to three. This rarely results in a pleasing image. Instead, try smiling just before snapping the photograph or think of something funny or that makes you happy and let the smile come more naturally.

‘Figure out what works best for you.’

Use angles. Experiment by taking several shots of yourself from different angles. Tilt your head slightly or even your whole body. Figure out what works best for you. Our faces are not entirely symmetrical and therefore, taking a photo head on can end up looking sort of funky (especially if your camera flips the image!). You might even prefer one side of your face over another. Play around and find a few angles that work best for you. Now use them every time to get beautiful pictures. 

Start with the right basics.We don’t always know we will be having a picture taken, but if you do then make sure that you prepare for it. Wear clothing that you feel great in and same goes for your hair and accessories. Darker colors tend to work best, but again, do what works for you. If you feel confident then that will transfer into the photo with great results.


And don’t forget the number one rule: you’re fierce however you look (especially in pjs with unwashed hair)! Rock it and don’t second guess yourself. You look GREAT!!!

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post


  • Kristianna Brown

    Lighting, lighting, lighting… its so important! You’d be surprised what a difference it makes.

  • Rachel

    Great tips!:)

    Rachel x

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