Send Winter Skin Packing With Benefit’s INCREDIBLE New Releases!

Having to grab my biggest coat every time I leave the house has made me feel so miserable lately, so I’ve been looking for some beauty products that make me smile, bring some sunshine indoors and are super easy to use before running out of the door into the torrential rain! Thankfully, one of our favourite beauty brands, Benefit, sent us some amazing samples to share with you lovely readers, what a way to cheer us all up and give us all a great summer glow!  If you’re a lover of pops of colour, easy to use products and serious sass, these products will bring the sunshine out in any weather!

The Porefessional: License to blot pore blotting stick (out now!)

Wow, I didn’t even know I needed this product until I applied it to my T-zone after putting on my foundation and snapped some pictures with flash enabled. Whereas before I looked shiny and a little bit greasy (thanks to my liquid foundation and a penchant for using creamy highlighters) now I look automatically photoshopped. The shine has gone, my skin is almost too matte, it’s hard to believe. If you’re likely to be putting yourself in a sweaty or shiny situation (like clubbing or a stressful interview) do yourself a favour and pick this little miracle worker up right now! It’s a mattifying blotting stick that lasts up to six hours, and it actually really does work. It’s smooth to apply, smells great and isn’t heavy on your skin! Perfect!


Do The Hoola Iconic Hoola Bronzing Kit (available in July!)

Oh my goodness, it was love at first sight when we saw this cute little package! It contains everything you need to be beautifully bronzed:

  • 1 miniature Hoola bronzer (3g) with an adorable chubby brush
  • 1 Benebalm (1.4g)
  • 1 ultra plush lip gloss in Hoola (6.5ml)
  • 1 They’re Real Mascara in black (3g)
  • 1 Dew The Hoola liquid Hoola bronzer (7g)

The first thing I did was get everything out and assemble it all neatly in a line, just to look at it all. The products have a great design and fit so snugly inside any purse or clutch bag that you just have to marvel at them. I love anything tiny and cute, so these beauties are right up my street. After applying my foundation and concealer, I had a little play with these products to see what was my favourite.

I’m a huge lover of Hoola bronzer, it’s a completely matte bronzer in a deep shade that isn’t shimmery or too orange, I usually apply it as a contour powder by sucking in my cheeks and following the line from the top of my ear down to just underneath my cheekbones. The cute little brush that comes with it has a straight edge which makes applying the bronzer super easy.

The Benebalm is similarly adorable and perfect for chilling at home, or heading off to work and the gym, it’s a low maintenance summer lip balm with a rosy tint that instantly feels soft, moisturising and makes you want to start kissing people. I loved this product when out and about shooting with the CGD girls, it kept my lips hydrated and gave them a soft and subtle colour to complement my understated makeup. If you need a bit more glamour try the Ultra Plush lip gloss, it’s sticky and shimmery and reminds me of sweet summer days. It smells great, too!

You won’t need falsies if you have They’re Real, all you need for perfect eyelashes is a slightly heated eyelash curler (hold under the hair dryer for a couple of seconds) and a few generous coats of They’re Real and you’re good to go. This miniature size is perfect for hand luggage (hello holiday favourite!) or sitting snugly in your pocket until it’s needed, and doesn’t make your eyelashes go spidery. It’s also super easy to remove which is one of my absolute musts with a mascara.

The star of the show has to be Dew The Hoola, which is not available to buy as a separate product until 2016. It’s a beautiful satin feeling liquid bronzer that glides onto skin like a foundation and is perfect for a subtle, blended glow. I use Dew The Hoola first as a contour and then add a few sweeps of Hoola powder on top for a truly defined, subtle shadow.

They’re Real Push Up Liner and They’re Real Mascara (brown and blue mascara and blue, brown, green and purple liners all available in July!)

Coloured liner and mascara makes me a little nervous and gives me flashbacks to being fifteen and wearing bright blue eyeliner every day, so when we received these I wasn’t entirely sure if I could pull them off. But I was wrong, the liner is super easy to apply thanks to its great shape and the mascara was just bright enough to get me a handful of compliments. The best thing about They’re Real liner is that I’ve tricked my friends into thinking I’m actually a pro at applying liner now, a few people have struggled with it but my top tips are to use it on primed eyelids with no eyeshadow on, twist the bottom a few times to allow extra product to glide onto your eyes and use the edges of the applicator to create an amazing flick!

Here I am after using these products, any excuse for a selfie!

All of the products in this iconic kit are perfect for all the things us career girls have lined up, from meetings and weddings to flights and gym days, whether you’re in blissful summer sunshine or dreary winter rain, you can make others envious of your mysterious summer glow! Check out the Benefit website for more super sassy products, and to be the first in line when these products are finally released!

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