How She Did It: Senior Vice President Of Bergdorf Goodman Linda Fargo

Photo via Phil Oh of Street Peeper

Linda Fargo is the Senior Vice President and Fashion Director of Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury goods department store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, a gossip girl hot spot for all of you Blair and Chuck fans. Most would say she is living the dream, from dressing mannequins to designing the stores 111th birthday window display she really does have one of the most envied jobs in fashion. When she’s not working the shop floor, she can be found front row at the shows of some of the biggest names in fashion as well as eyeing up the next best talented young designer.

Promotions come from hard work!

Linda was hired in 1996 to do the visuals for Bergdorf’s and was promoted to vice president of Visual Merchandising just under a year later, her hard work, attention to detail and positive work attitude meant she turned heads in the industry and really made a name for herself.

She had previously worked for stores including Gap and Macy’s, meaning she had her foot well and truly in the fashion industry door when she started, working her way up was always her goal as with many industries you have to start from the bottom and prove yourself which is something Linda was always determined to do. Fargo may be the Simon Cowell of the fashion industry, but she never lets it go to her head, often being dubbed as a friendlier Anna Wintour. Whoever said fashion was all Devil Wears Prada clearly hadn’t met Mrs Fargo.

Your passion presents itself throughout your life

Linda kick-started her career as a young woman who went to University to study Fine Arts, her love of all things creative were apparent from a young age as she would choose costumes for people to wear, and would raid her dressing up box to put on performances for her family. Her decision to get into retail came after she realised she needed a way to combine her love of the arts with a way to actually earn money because although passion was all she needed the independent woman inside of her still longed to earn a living and provide for herself.

Dare to be different from everybody else

Linda has now created over a thousand window displays for the store,  most of which have filled two books ‘Windows at Bergdorf Goodman’ and ‘Dreams: Through the Glass’, her stunning displays stop people in the street, they are truly mesmerizing to look at. Linda wanted to take risks and be a little edgier with her displays, she wanted to intrigue people and make them stop and think, she didn’t just want it to be all glitter and sparkles.

Her risks clearly paid off as she has been named as the ‘eyes of Bergdorf’s’, without her it is clear that the store just wouldn’t be the same, she is the heart and soul of the building and is the perfect example of a woman who is doing what she loves and doing it very well.

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