Why September Is The Best Month For Setting Goals

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Back to school, starting University, a new season. A lot is happening in September, it’s a month with serious potential. And we don’t just mean building your fall wardrobe (although I’m loving everything in stores at the moment!) we mean revisiting goals, making plans, starting fresh.

Science has shown that we find it easier to be productive when we believe we are a ‘new’ person. That’s why we always start the new year with great expectations of ourselves. We believe we are transformed! September is no different, summer is over, we have a new and fresh perspective. Here are a few reasons why September is the season of new beginnings.

1. We’re all trained to be in the back-to-school mindset

For years of our lives, the end of August symbolized a new beginning. Whether you are going to University or have been working all summer, some of that feeling remains. Back to school meant new stationery, seeing friends, new gossip, new goals, and a new term. Nowadays it could mean rethinking your current strategy, investing in a planner, getting organized, start the new season with a pep in your step, we’re trained to be in that mindset.

2. Starting now gets you ahead of the game

Most of us coast through the year, only realizing by November that the end of the year is approaching and we’ve not completed our goals. If you sit down, evaluate your goals and set some markers for the rest of the year,  you’ll be ahead of everybody else and probably won’t even need to make the same New Year’s resolution you always do.

3. Science says successful people set goals

Researchers found that people who set small goals, achieve them and get praise did much better than those who didn’t. Just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, perhaps because we give ourselves such a long time to complete them. A whole year is just too long! Looking over everything you’ve done, finding new challenges, better ways to do things and creating manageable goals is the best way to be successful. Plus there are lots of new courses launching in September that will help you realize your success.

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  1. Love the title, I am bias – this is my month, virgos baby. I don’t know anything about signs tho! ?

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