What It Takes To Be A Successful And Authentic Leader


The Editor of UK’s Cosmopolitan, Farrah Storr, knows a thing or two about leadership and making executive decisions. In her TED talk, she shares what she’s learned from managing one of the most recognizable magazines in the world, and what it takes to be a successful and authentic leader.

She talks about how her mom was one of the first real career women, meaning she didn’t have a lot of time for Farrah, who despite now being in a high position, was a shy and emotionally needy child. And discusses how the first real leadership she experienced was her parent’s leadership, emotionally pivoting between each child and listening to their needs.

Her first real job when she came out of University was in a Women’s magazine, and she thought she was doing an amazing job. She’d keep herself to herself, work hard and only speak up when it was necessary. “I remember my boss at the time, who was a very stern but ultimately very nice lady, she said what I now know are the dreaded words, ‘Can I have a word?'”

After taking her aside, her boss said: “I’m not sure things are working out very well for you here are they? I’m not sure you’re hungry enough for this job.” She cried all the way across Waterloo bridge, after being given an ultimatum to change within 3 weeks.

She changed her behavior and her success skyrocketed, but she doesn’t necessarily think that’s a good thing, her family and even her husband wondered what had happened to her. She never said please or thank you, when she became a leader she only looked for like-minded people. Which is why, she says, we need a leadership revolution! Watch the full TED talk below and let us know if you agree!


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  • Charmaine | Architecture Blog

    What an intriguing backstory! Added her speech to my “watch later” to check out tomorrow morning!

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    So interesting – thanks for sharing!

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