New Year, New You: Your Ultimate Plan For Getting It Together



It’s finally 2018! Did it feel like it came in with a bang for you? Or maybe it came in with a tiny pop. No matter what, it’s important to not let this opportunity pass you by. This is a chance to learn from your mistakes, build yourself up, work on setting goals for 2018 and make yourself a better person.

This is the year of you! You can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. Work hard, play hard and enjoy yourself. It starts now, so take a deep breath, grab a pen and paper and work it out.


1. Decide what you really want

When you set your New Year’s Resolution this year, you might have thought about one big goal you want to achieve. That’s great, but sometimes it’s about the little things too. Little things like finally learning a language, getting in shape, and taking more time for yourself.

You can chip away at that big goal, but it’s those little goals that make a difference. So make a list. One big goal that will take you a year to chip away at, and three small goals you can smash every month. It can be something as small as starting a hobby, or something as big as learning to drive. Set goals specific to yourself, and get excited to start them.


2. Create a strategy to make it happen

Start with your three small goals. You need actionable steps to make things happen. Do you need to enroll in some courses? Should you do some research?

What you really need to do is start a month by month plan. What are you going to achieve by the end of January? Break it down, week by week, day by day. Every time you accomplish something, give yourself a reward. For example, for me, I will be working on learning a new language, every week I need to build on that language and when I do – I can reward myself with a little something I want.


3. Set one habit every single week

Start building those habits from day one. What do you want to do? Wake up earlier? Drink more water? Save money every single day? You need to start those habits straight away and track them every week. 2018 is the year of setting new habits, from learning to be more confident, to going for a run 30 minutes every day.

I personally think it’s important to mix your personal development with positive habits like hydration and exercise. So spend five minutes making a list of things you want to improve about yourself, and your life. And just start doing. Stop the excuses and just start working.


4. Be inspired

Load up on inspiration to get you through, because you don’t want to let another year pass you by. Want to make 2018 your year? Our brand new planner Make Things Happen has everything you’ll need to make next year a good one. Each month has its own chapter, starting in January, you’ll find a calendar for each month of the year that you can scribble all your important dates in. Each month has a theme, whether it’s productivity or self-love, and inside the chapter, you will find short advice on how to live your best life that month.

Every chapter is tailored to what you’ll need that month to stay on track, whether you need to take a break in February or start spring cleaning in March, all you have to do is get a pen and work through each chapter as it comes, fill in the workbook exercises, read the inspiration articles and live your best life! Buy it here.


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