How To Make A Life Plan For 2018 And Actually Stick To It


2018 is fast approaching, meaning this is the perfect time to get your ducks in a row and make a life plan that you’ll actually stick to. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Setting goals for 2018 is important, even though you might only be thinking about 2017 right now and how you can finish up with a bang. But it’s time to think big and bold for next year, make a plan and actually stick to it.


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The best thing to do is to give yourself three objectives, and a timeline to achieve them in. These three objectives might seem a little ‘out there’ but they’ll help you remember that you don’t just have to hit your goals and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions to have a good year.

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1. Somewhere to go 

Start by writing down somewhere you’d love to go. It could be a bucket list destination or something as simple as visiting a family member. Write up to five destinations, one big and bold and a few other more realistic destinations. Don’t worry too much about it, as you’re creating a list to be excited about next year.

Once you’ve written down where you’d like to go, make sure you’re writing down how you’re going to get there. Are you going to start saving now? Could you book those tickets today? Tomorrow? Putting plans into place and actually sticking to them is only half of the battle, making actionable steps towards this is the best way to actually make it happen.

2. Something to do 

Although it sounds simple, writing down something to do in 2018 is actually a daunting task. Whether it’s huge like starting your own business, or just little experiences you want to have, you shouldn’t be afraid to dream.

Follow the same formula as before, writing down not just what you want to do but how you’re going to do it, and indeed, how you can start right now. That way, when it comes to it, you’ll already know what your big dreams and goals are and how you’re going to fix it to happen.

3. Someone to love 

Now, this is the nice step. Everyone loves someone. Whether it’s your family dog, your boyfriend or just your friends and family. It’s important to remember to actually show them that love. Whether it’s by visiting more, making more phone calls, or just reminding yourself to spend this Christmas break appreciating the people you love most, 2018 will be successful if you spread the love.

Write a list of ten people you need to show more love to and the ways you’re going to do that in 2018. Impromptu visits, more phone calls, and thoughtful gifts are just a few ways you might do it, or you might think outside the box and want to take them on a trip or buy them something they’ve always wanted. Their gratitude will make you feel 100x happier and more positive about the year.


What do you think about these steps? Let us know in the comments below.




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  1. I love this plan because it seems attainable. I am totally going to write down my steps anyhow I plan on getting it done.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These are such amazing tips, I love this idea – 3 simple categories to make your plan achievable. I particularly love the idea of Somewhere to Go and actually planning how you are going to do it, instead of just dreaming about it!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

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