Setting Goals: How To Be SMART

Setting goals is 1 thing, but setting goals that are actually SMART is something else. During university, I used to dislike this mandatory SMART method, but now that I am actually a career  girl I can’t live without them. This method helps to formulate your goals in a clear and realistic way and is essential, especially when you want to evaluate how far you have come since the beginning.


So what is the SMART method exactly? CGD gives you a clear explanation of this useful method:

S – Specific

Be specific when you set a goal. Specific goals are more often achieved than general goals. A general goal will be ‘I want to get in shape’ a specific goal will be ‘I want to get in shape by joining the gym’. The last one is very specific and also explains how you will achieve it. So make sure you have a very clear and specific goal.

M – Measurable

If you want to know if you reached your goals, it needs to be measurable. When you are able to measure your goal, you can evaluate throughout your journey, stay on track and see how your progress is going.

So measurable will be ‘I want to get in shape by joining the gym and work out 3 times a week’. You can measure the 3 times a week, just by looking if you actually went 3 times a week. Always ask yourself the question ‘How many’ or ‘How much’.

A – Achievable

Always set a goal that is within your reach and, therefore, is achievable. Although I believe in ‘everything is possible and achievable’ when setting goals I always make sure it is achievable at first and once I reached the goal I build further from that. So dream big and work hard, but always keep both your feet on the ground and make sure every goal you set is achievable for you and within your reach.

R – Realistic

Be realistic when you set a goal. Is it something you are willing to work for and do you have all the tools to actually make it happen? A goal can be high and realistic, you are the only one who can decide whether you are willing and able to work for it or not, but always be honest with yourself.

T – Time

When is the deadline? When must this goal be achieved? ‘Someday’ is never a good answer, so make sure you give herself a deadline and keep track of your progress along the way.

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  1. Great and simple tips!! sometimes we forget that simplicity is the key!! I need to set more realistic goals myself!! xx

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  2. Love your writings. Hated to formulate SMART goals as a freshman, now it’s one of the most effective ways to remind myself why I’m working my ass of everyday.
    Keep on the good work, inspiring and empowering woman all over the world.

    With Love

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