A 7 Day Work Detox That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Job


Why on earth would you want to do a work detox? If you’re secure in your job or seeking new employment then, yes, you do need to do a work detox every so often. For those currently seeking a job, a work detox allows you to refresh your mindset, check that everything is up to date and put your best foot forward, if you’re employed you’ll either fall back (or even more) in love with your job or realize that you actually want to make a career change.

In essence, a work detox is a week (or more) of actions you take to clean your mind (and your inbox) and get your head in the game. Step away from work, update, and refresh your mindset and get ready to get ahead. 

Day 1: Schedule your social media time

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Check your phone? Us, too. We waste precious time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, so on the first day of your career detox, you should decide what’s the best time to look at your social networks and stick to it. Whether it’s before you go to bed or during your lunch break, don’t peek at them unless it’s the dedicated time. If you need to for work, create a plan to do so and try to avoid social media comparison by training your brain to think of positive things about yourself and your life. Too much time on social media can lead to feeling a little disillusioned. Putting your phone away and training yourself to pick it up only at certain times can help you become successful.

Day 2: Organize your CV and Cover Letter 

Give your CV/Cover Letter a read through and make sure you’re not making one of the most common CV mistakes. Once you’ve done that, you should organize them into a folder and delete all those outdated CV’s. If you’re in full-time employment, don’t underestimate the power of editing your CV as you go, if you update it with new skills or achievements as they come you will have less to do, and you’ve got a back up in case anything happens. If you’re looking for work, spend some time going over your CV and make sure to tailor your cover letter to the various places you want to apply to.

Day 3: Declutter your inbox 

Create rules to ensure emails go into the correct folder, unsubscribe from emails you no longer open, and use unroll.me to put all your newsletters into one handy digest. While you’re there, make sure what you subscribe to will motivate and inspire you. 

Day 4: Spend 30 minutes on your finances 

Just spend half an hour looking at your banking app, checking out your saving goals and figuring out your unnecessary spending. You can use the Give Yourself Credit for this. Don’t feel too bad, just figure out what it is you’re going to change going forward and try not to buy anything you don’t really need (no matter how cute it is!)

Day 5: Don’t talk about work 

Make social plans, don’t talk about work. If it’s brought up, be polite, say how it’s going, and then change the subject. One of the detoxing habits you need to bring into your life is leaving work at work when it’s necessary. If you love your job, it’s hard (we know!) but sometimes your brain just needs a break.

Day 6: Send a letter to your future self 

Putting down your goals and asking your future self questions gives you a motivation boost and gets you excited about what’s to come.

Day 7: Start a work journal 

If you haven’t already started a work journal, you really need to. There’s nothing like writing down your goals, dreams, and what you have done to start chipping away at them. Read this article to find out why a planner is so important, it’s all about organizing and giving your brain some space.


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