Seven Things We Love About Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham might be a controversial figure due to how open she is about sexuality and the mistakes she’s made, but we find it refreshing. She prefers to show her body as it is to inspire girls with similar figures, and she’s spoken openly about her mental health struggles in the past. Lena is a pretty cool girl, here are 7 things we love about her!

#1 She’s good at everything

Lean Dunham is not only an actress that stars in her own works, but a writer of her own book and director and producer of her TV show Girls. Multitasking is her middle name it seems. A lot of us are scared of taking too much on, but Lena likes to throw herself into whatever comes her way!

#2 Other women are important to her

Dunham loves to put her friends first; she’s always tweeting and talking about how amazing and wonderful her friends are, and how much they inspire and motivate her. It’s so important to stick together instead of seeing other women as a threat!

#3 Knowledge is power

The more you know the better. Lena thinks that a woman with brain power is more attractive than a woman in a skimpy dress. Morals we certainly approve of! Although, we are big fans of a skimpy dress or to ourselves. Maybe we’ll have both.

#4 She has goals and drive

Start each day with a goal. Lena has achieved so much in the past few years, and has so much to be proud of. The best way to become as successful as the lady in question is to have goals and drive. Time to get motivated!

#5 She isn’t afraid to share her views

Lena loves to share her opinion. Whether she is discussing her political views, talking about her TV show or simply being her witty self, she is not afraid to share her views no matter what the topic or view. Her bluntness and ballsy nature is what we love about her!

#6 Standing up for her beliefs

Lena has made it known that she is a huge supporter of same-sex marriage. In an interview, Lena said she would not marry until same-sex marriage is legal across America (which it now is!), and that marriage for everyone will be the only time she would consider a husband. Standing up for what you believe in is so important, Lena showed that she puts the happiness of others high above her own happiness, and that’s a quality that we love!

#7 She overcomes her fears

Lena is very open about her life and has discussed her dislike of running in the media in previous interviews. However a few weeks ago, she published a photo of herself on Instagram out running in the streets of NYC, writing how she was proud of herself for overcoming her fear of running, and now she actually enjoys it. Truly admirable!


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