Seven Things You’re Doing Wrong On Snapchat

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Every year we seem to be introduced to seamless amounts of new apps and constantly updated technology; this year has seen a huge rise in popularity in the app “Snapchat.” This app lets you send photos and videos to friends for a limited time only and has tonnes of features to add to your selfie skills. Below are seven useful tips on how to enhance your Snapchat usage; and what you’re doing wrong!

1.) Not Following Celebrities

If you aren’t following hugely successful celebs on Snapchat, then you are truly missing out. The likes of Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Kylie Jenner all constantly update photos and videos about their daily grind to their “story” – something we don’t ever want to miss. Add them to keep up with their lives and cute pet photos – because who would want to miss out on that?!

2.) Not Using Filters

We all know that a good selfie ought to be shared – so why not use one of Snapchat’s awesome filter features to create and even more stunning photo? Simply swipe left or right after you take your selfie to see which filter looks best – then you’ll be turning the boys and girls away at your door!

3.) Not Updating The App

If you’re not updating your apps, then you are missing out on some awesome features. At the moment, Snapchat has a “mask section,” where you can add moving masks to enhance your face in many terrifying and hilarious ways to show your friends. Simply hold down your finger on your face before you take your snap, and swipe through the awesome selection of masks – another way to make your day a good laugh!

4.) Not Checking Out Live Feeds

On Snapchat, if you are in a certain area or at a certain event, you can add photos and videos to a live feed that is shown around the world. Simply shoot the moment, and add it to the “live story,” – for example, if you’re at #LFW, you can add photos and videos to the live story for the world to see. And who wouldn’t want to be seen across the world? You can also watch other live stories too to see what’s happening across the globe.

5.) Not Reading New Updates

On the updates page, lots of well-known magazines and apps have their own live feed with constantly updated content to keep you in the know. From a range of stories, including Sky News, Cosmopolitan or MTV, you can stay updated wherever you are. Check it out by swiping right when you open the app.

6.) Not Adding To Your Story

Instead of sending all your snaps to your best friends, add some to your story too. That way, all your Snapchat pals will be able to see what you’re up to, and be highly envious we’re sure! To do this, just add “my story” instead of selecting specific friends when sending your snap!

7.) Not using The Live Chat and Video Feature

When one of your friends are online, you can essentially chat and FaceTime whilst on Snapchat. Simply go onto your conversation together, and you can chat and send photos to each other! To live chat, the yellow button that you use to send messages with will turn blue – hold this down and your friend’s gorgeous face will appear on your screen. If that isn’t simple and easy communication then we don’t know what is!


Holly Deakin

Holly is a coffee lover, dog whisperer and aspiring runner. She enjoys travelling, spending time with her family and reading classic novels.

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