Seven Times We Were Inspired By Lisa Eldridge

Makeup Goddess Lisa Eldridge is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. After pursuing a career in makeup artistry, and with over 20 years of experience, Lisa is known as one of the most highly regarded makeup artists internationally, and has worked for hundreds of magazines, designers and celebrities alike. Lisa’s talent and connection with her work are what has made her such a renowned career woman around the world. Below are seven incredible things Lisa has achieved in her life!

1. First Projects

Lisa got her first big break working for ELLE magazine; she was headhunted to work with model Cindy Crawford at just 22. This made Eldridge a huge success, and she went on to work with many more famous models and magazines. She also became good friends with Crawford. Whaaaaat.

2. “Shiseido”

In 1988, Eldridge went international; she was asked to create a makeup line for Japan’s “Shiseido”. Lisa worked with the Tokyo-based company for three years, contributing on everything from colours to textures, packing and new product development. This sent Lisa’s career into overdrive – she was now known worldwide as the woman who could do everything; she had experience in makeup itself, branding, creating and selling. No wonder she’s so amazing!

3. “No7” 

In 2003, Lisa was headhunted again, this time by British brand “Boots”, to work and relaunch products for “No7.” For 10 years, Lisa spent her time at Boots as the Creative Director, using her amazing directive, creative, and marketing skills to reproduce the “No7 brand” – it was Lisa’s incredible work that re-established “No7” as the amazing brand it is now, in not just England, but in the USA, Europe and the Far East. In 2013, Lisa resigned as the brand’s Creative Director to become “Lancome’s” GLOBAL Creative Director. No words.

4. Multi-tasker

Lisa is an incredibly busy woman, but she still has time for many other things it seems! Lisa has her own website, where she publishes her own makeup tutorials, she has her own book (to be published on October 13th), she writes her own blog, and she also writes a monthly column for British ELLE. Not only does she do all these awesome things, but Lisa also creates exclusive content for Since June 2011, Lisa has produced over 40 exclusive videos for the website. So fabulous.

5. Magazine Traveler

Over the years, Lisa has worked for many brands all around the world; she has been involved with producing content for Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and British Vogue; Harper’s Bazar, Allure, Glamour, ELLE and LOVE magazine. These magazines are based in different parts of the world, and Lisa is a true champion for being able to recall all of these on her CV!

6. Celebrities

As well as working for brands and producing written content, Lisa has had the privilege of doing many gorgeous women’s makeup. Whether it’s getting ready for the red carpet or a makeup shoot, Lisa has worked with A-List Celebrities and Blockbuster actresses alike, including Kiera Knightley, Kate Moss, Uma Thurman, Tyra Banks, Penelope Cruz and hundreds more. Where do we sign up for this job?!

7. Mom And Wife

As well as all these amazing career steps, Lisa is also a loving wife and caring mother. Lisa is married to Robin Derrick, the previous Creative Director of British Vogue magazine. Lisa and Robin also have two sons, Luke and George, born in London in 1988. How does she do it all!?


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