Shake up your skincare routine and improve the condition of your skin for good

In this day and age we rarely think about our skin type and how we can work with it, we’re so used to slapping on makeup and scrubbing with exfoliators that we’re stripping our natural oils from our face and making any problems we have much worse! If you think it’s time to shake up your skin routine and improve the condition of your skin for good, then we’ve created a perfect guide just for you!

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Problem #1 Oily Skin
Your face is constantly shiny, worsened at certain times of the day and has clogged pores and the occasional outbreak of nasty spots.
Oily skin is not made any better by harsh exfoliators, even if you think you’re scrubbing the shine away. The best thing you can do is use a gentle cleanser, and be kind to your skin. Use an oil-free moisturiser, and look for products specifically targeted towards oily skin, you need a cleanser, toner and moisturiser that works with your skin not against it. When it comes to cosmetics, make sure your foundation is oil free so as not to add to the problem, a good tip from Wayne Goss is to apply powder underneath your foundation instead of on top of it – for a matte finish that will absorb any shine.

Problem #2 Dry Skin

Your face is flaky, you may get red and irritated skin and anything you do to it seems to make it sting! Especially hot showers.
Your skin is especially delicate, you also need to avoid harsh exfoliators and instead opt for warm water and a flannel. You’ll need a good cleanser and toner specifically targeted at dry skin and a moisturiser that is super hydrating. Make sure you’re drinking enough water also, as this can exacerbate any skin conditions! Your skin will need TLC in the form of a gentle mask such as Yes to Cucumbers Calming Face Mask. A pro tip for dry skin is to use milk in your skin routine, it might sound crazy but dip a flannel into a cup of milk and massage into your skin once a week for a gentle exfoliation and hydration treatment.

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Problem #3 Combination Skin
Your skin can be both dry and oily! It seems to change with the weather, you can look shiny one day and be flaky the next. Combination skin is harder to treat as it requires (you guessed it) a combination of both oily skin and dry skin treatments. Take tips from both the above problems and apply them to the areas that have issues, a gentle cleanser and toner will be good for all over your face, while a hydrating moisturiser should only be applied to the driest areas. Use a hydrating primer combined with a matte foundation to avoid over shining or drying out your skin.

Your skin care regime should be a major part of your routine, try not to bombard your face with harsh chemicals and remember to take your makeup off before bed and you should have glowing skin in no time!

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  • Sophie

    I have combination skin but that usually just means I’m dehydrated. Ugh. Winter.

    Do you recommend any products for dehydration????

  • hogue

    So I made it tonight and here’s what I found: Super easy to make, whipped it up in 5 minutes. After applying it, I noticed what another poster mentioned, which is that it left my skin feeling slightly tacky, not a lot but enough to bug me. So I tweaked it, I added more water (sorry, didn’t measure…maybe 1/4-1/2 cup more?) and I also added a bit more ACV (didn’t measure that either but I’d guess a few Tablespoons more). This did the trick, now it’s perfect and leaves no sticky feeling. Oh: I also substituted the peppermint oil with a combination of tea tree and orange; tea tree for it’s astringent nature and orange because it’s good for dull skin, which I have. That combo leaves a refreshing scent too!

  • Imran

    Rally this post acceptable post.. I hope more latest skin post, This very very Interesting post thanks admin for you.

  • Emma Brown

    I have oily skin and it get worst in summers. When I use sunscreen it makes my skin more oily and I can nt go out without it. What I can do?

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