3 Secrets Shay Mitchell Swears By For Perfect Skin

photo: Shay Mitchell


Shay Mitchell, we’ve pretty much been obsessed with her ever since we first caught her on Pretty Little Liars, she was the cool girl you’ve always wanted to chill with. Warmth and charisma ooze out of her, but we wanna know girl, how is your skin so fine?

In recent interviews, Shay has revealed her secrets to her flawless skin- like any good gal pal should! And our ears are wide open!



1. Treat yourself to a spa day

“I’m all about having one day during the week when I have an at-home spa day”

Shay’s personal favorite spa day is when she has time for her nails or a coconut oil hair masque. So why not try taking on a home spa day for yourself? Because for real, who doesn’t want to relax and have a little ‘me time’ with a spa day.

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But when it comes to her skin, Shay takes it seriously, just like we all should as it’s the base to everything! She states that finding products that work really well with your skin are key. The best spa product we’ve ever tried is the FOREO Luna, it’ll exfoliate your face, remove makeup and dirt and won’t damage your skin, just one use will leave you with glowing hydrated skin!



2. Crazy for coconut (loco for coco?)

“It smells amazing and I leave it in my shower, so it’s a constant reminder before I get out to moisturize. I think that’s something people forget to do.”

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Shay swears by coconut oil, saying it has always been a favorite part of her regime. Any dry spots? She’ll dab a little coconut oil on! Coconut oil is a natural ingredient, with thousands of studies that suggest that it is one of the healthiest foods available. But Coconut is not just a delicious fruit, but rather also a savior for the beauty industry.  Shay personally uses it not only for cooking but also on her hands and hair!



3. Moisturizer

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You should moisturize daily, there all different types of moisturizers that all do different things. Get one that smells amazing that is packed with natural ingredients. A busy sleepless week at the office? Use a brightening face cream in the morning and a revitalizing cream at night. We all use different moisturizers in the CGD offices, Beth swears by her Charlotte Tilbury magic cream! There’s a moisturizer for every issue so go see a specialist (or if you don’t have enough time, check out our guide to determining what moisturizer is right for you here). See what skin type you have, then do a little research on products.

Why not try out these helpful little tips and see what they can do for you!

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  • Elizabeth Apps

    I have recently really started getting into skin care and I’m all about trying to get that glowing awake look skin. I make sure I tone, cleanse and moisturise everyday morning and night. But what I want to start doing is looking after my whole body! I’m going to try shay’s tip of coconut oil once a week on the hair and using it for my hands and maybe even feet!

    • Lisa Collins

      Haha, I think we’re all after that beautiful glow! But it sounds like you’re definitely going down the right path. Which products are you using? Coconut oil is good for removing makeup and shaving your legs too! Its just an added bonus that it smells amazing! This article has some great products if you’re looking for more http://careergirldaily.com/how-to-get-flawless-skin-with-makeup/


    Coconut oil in my hair overnight (or while I’m at the gym) is just the best idea ever! I love doing it once a week, it really makes a huge difference to the shine and softness of my hair!!


    • Lisa Collins

      Nice Diana, I’ll have to try doing that whilst I’m at the gym! Killing two birds with one stone! x

  • Juliette @NamastayTraveling

    Just ordered the Forea Luna and am so excited to try it! Great suggestions!


    • Lisa Collins

      Yes Juliette! Make sure to tell us how you got on with it! Thanks for reading x

  • Helmut Sauerbrei

    Du bist wunderschön,gefällt mir !