She Had The WORST Month Of Her Life, Then Changed Everything in 13 Days!

For Megan Sullivan, the worst month of her life started with a rock climbing accident. She fell while climbing at Yosemite National Park. Shortly afterwards, she was hit by a car while riding her Vespa, and if that wasn’t bad enough she was then diagnosed with skin cancer! Most people would be brought down by their bad luck, but Megan only used her awful month as fuel to start planning to do something she’d always wanted to do.

meg sullivan2
Photo by Megan Sullivan

Megan and Chris, who she’d been dating for only two weeks beforehand, took off on a journey to see the 7 wonders of the world in just 13 days! It was something she’d been dreaming of for a long time, and the bad month she had only spurred her on, so on December 28th, they headed off on their once in a lifetime adventure together. Read more about Megan and Chris’s journey here or visit Megan’s website to find out how they did it all and see her beautiful photographs of their journey.

In the mean-time, check out this awesome video Megan made of their travels, 12 countries, 15 flights, 28,211 total miles traveled, 5 hotel night stays, 1 confiscated tripod and 7 wonders in 13 days.

How awesome is this? As Megan says, “You can fantasize forever about the destination while missing out on what is staring you right in the face…the never-ending journey of your life.”

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