6 Netflix Shows That Will Make You Smarter

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What we don’t realize is that our brain soaks up all the information we put in front of it, whilst also taking in the outside information we’re not aware of. We pick up a lot of our information, cultural awareness, and understanding from TV. Most of it is done subconsciously, but TV is probably one of the things that influences us the most.

So you’ve got to be careful about what you’re exposing your mind to. If you want to improve your brain and help get you thinking, here is a list of some of the best shows you can sit in front of and actually learn!

1. A brain workout: Brain Games


New to Netflix, Brain Games is a fun, interactive series that uses games, illusions, and experiments that expose the power of the mind, and how it often rules us! But with four seasons, I’m hooked on them and using them as my newest tool to sharpen my brain! ‘Use It Or Lose It’ is a good one to exercise the brain and keep it healthy, yep you’ve got to do that too! The show’s brain fitness test offers you ways you can sharpen your mind, and even how to improve concentration and memory.


2. British History: The Tudors


Making British history sexy and addictive! The Tudors is not only amazing, and a series you have to watch but it will clue you in all the British history you can’t get enough of! The Tudors follows the illustrious life of Henry VIII and his many, many wives. You may already know the story, but this series takes a deeper dive. Prepare for banquets, wives and a lot of bump in the night!


3. Thought provoking: Black Mirror


This is definitely a series that will stimulate your thoughts and brain activity. Each episode is a new drama, full of suspense that mirrors our reality. With a clear connection to the modern world and stories that are a little too close for comfort, this show will get under your skin. Black Mirror shows us that these nightmares are a reality!

4. The role of women: Bomb Girls 


Women have literally been behind the scenes of everything through history. The limelight may not have been on us, but the present would have been nowhere without them. This series takes a look at this sexism, and the important roles women were not recognized for in the war. Keeping it satirical and fun, this series is full of surprises.


5. Logic: Sherlock Holmes


We all love a crime solving a mystery, but Sherlock Holmes is the King of them. Showing us the science of deduction, which is to observe everything, deduce everything, then eliminate the impossible and what remains is the truth (no matter how mad). The master of logic reasoning, mystery and science. This is a must watch.


6. Reading people: Lie to Me


Oh my goodness, I was obsessed, after watching this series I literally thought of myself as a lie expert. The Lightman Group investigates numerous cases that are brought to them, and aim to do one thing; find out the truth. The are some good things to pick up from the series, how to catch somebody in a lie, body language, facial expressions etc! It links really well with Pamela Mayer’s TED Talk ‘How to spot a liar.’


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  • hanan abdi

    I agree tv shows does influence us greatly even though we’re probably unaware, so what better way to spend my Saturday evening :) xx

    A Girls Journal

  • dreamofadventures

    I’ve been wanting to start the tudors =o) I loved watching the crown =o)


    • Jeanny

      If you enjoy the Tudors try The crown also available on Netflix.

  • Gaby

    I love Sherlock and Brain Games!

  • Virve Georgeson

    What about Shark Tank? That show has the most new and thought expanding programming of all

  • daphne siy

    Black Mirror seems cool!


  • Jen C.

    Done with Sherlock Homes…am off to Elementary! :D

  • Jessica Wen

    OMG I love Black Mirror and Sherlock, I just have to check out Logic and all the rest of them! So excited, thank you for sharing :)


  • Katie

    Ahhh so many new ones to watch. Lie to me looks so interesting!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

  • Jeanny

    I loved the Tudors & lie to me. Going to try Bomb Girls, Black Mirror, & Brain Games. I’d suggest The Crown if you enjoyed Tudors