7 Shows To Watch On Netflix When You Want An Instant Mood Boost

If you are a ‘snuggle up on the sofa with tea and biscuits’ kind of girl like me, then you can understand the need to get home and Netflix your butt off. When your day is dragging, you’ve had a fall out with someone close to you, or if you have a mountain of school work to do, knowing you have a good Netflix movie or series to run home to makes it that little easier. So, here are seven amazing Netflix shows that will make you run home even faster:

1. Prison Break

It may be an old choice but if you have not watched it… get on it now! You will love the characters, the storyline and be sitting on the edge of your seat every night. I cannot convince you enough to get involved with the biggest prison break ever!

2. GirlBoss

GirlBoss is new to Netflix and will be super great for all you fashion lovers out there. It’s a brief re-telling of Sophia Amoroso, who if you don’t know, is the builder of the known brand NastyGal. Starting from selling on eBay to creating her own mega brand along with her friendships, relationships, and hysterical lifestyle. A great mood booster!

3. Gossip Girl

A quotable classic. The ultimate, ultimate girly series! You’re going to have to get your best girl pals around weekly for a takeaway and night with B and S! Reminisce over the drama of your school years, and see what’s the gossip on the Upper East side!

4. Stranger Things

If you haven’t watched it by now, then you still have time before season two airs and everyone goes crazy about it again. There’s no wonder it captivated all of us! A little boy vanishes, which leads the town to uncover a mystery involving secret experiments, supernatural forces, and one strange, little girl.

5. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I was such a huge lover of the books and the original movie when I was a child. So when I watched the trailer the excitement began, but so did the nerves. The original was a childhood favorite, and sometimes remakes ruin it for everyone. But they didn’t disappoint! It’s so good, and they really did Lemony Snicket justice! Watch it, watch it, watch it!

6. The Killing

This series had my friend and I hooked to the TV for days. The Killing is a crime series that will hook you straight away. It all starts off with the disappearance of a young girl in Seattle. Meet the conflicted detective on the job and get lost in the series.

7. Riverdale

A Netflix original, which is an American teen mystery drama that’s guaranteed to be a must watch! During an eventful summer, the tragic death of quarterback Jason Blossom on the Fourth of July sets the whole town in disarray. Follow the group of teens, who are on a mission to find out what happened to him but happen to uncover a lot more secrets on the way.

Have you watched them all? I know I have!

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