How These Simple Steps Changed My Life For Good


As 20-somethings, we always strive to be better, smarter and faster. You need to have your own startup or a dream job. You should travel around the world to exotic destinations and proudly show it off on Instagram and Snapchat. Don’t we all just envy the girls who have got their lives perfectly together?

I think we all recognize the pressure on our 25th birthday. That day changes EVERYTHING. Before, you were happy getting older, but that single day gives you a sudden realization: ‘Oh crap, I’m getting old.’ You just finished Uni,  you don’t have your dream job (yet!) or your dream house. That day you realize you’re close to the big 3-0.

And with that picture perfect goal in mind your race to success starts. I was convinced I could do everything. Working 80 hours per week, no time to socialize. ‘Hey, that’s what they call being ambitious‘ (at least that is what I was telling myself).

My friends just didn’t understand me. ‘Celina, you’ve got to enjoy life, I do understand your ambitions but life should be fun as well, Carpe Diem you know’.

As stubborn as I was I kept on going which led to anxiety attacks and a mild depression, which made me realize: Is it all worth it? Should life pass by, being a successful career girl because I wanted to accomplish everything before my 30th birthday?

At the beginning of this year, things got even worse; I got anxiety attacks every evening and during the day. I wasn’t able to work and thought I was actually losing my mind. What was happening with my body? Even when the doctors told me: ‘Celina, you’re stressed please take it easy.’ I didn’t believe them. How can I be stressed? I am doing a job I freaking love! At that point, there was no time for denial. I had to accept the fact I was overworked and was dealing with anxiety.

With that being said there were 2 two things I could do, take medication or change my lifestyle. Personally, I felt to really be in control of this situation it was time to change my lifestyle because I felt taking medications meant I wasn’t actually in control of what was happening.

Here are the steps I’ve taken to deal with my anxiety:


Oh wait, isn’t it a sign of lack of ambition when you leave your job at 6 p.m.? In my opinion, it isn’t. Knowing that you have from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. to plan your work for the entire day makes you more productive. At 6 p.m. I shut down my computer and I am not allowed to do any more work. Things can’t wait until the day after.


Yes, sounds a bit boring right? But creating structure for yourself is extremely important. I go to bed at 10 p.m. and wake up at 6 a.m. for my daily workout. I go for a run, yoga, meditation or whatever I feel up to that week. It helps me to relax and limits my anxiety attacks


I’ve figured I am so much more productive when I take the time to prepare myself a proper breakfast. I can focus better and I have more energy. I love to have boiled eggs with some fresh juice. My new addiction is breakfast meetings. It’s so refreshing to go out for breakfast with a colleague and talk about our editorial calendar.


You know we’re  big fans of the book the life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck. Well, this book is the best thing I’ve ever read.  Stop caring too much about what other people think, just enjoy your life and do what you love.


This is extremely important. Remember what I said earlier about my 25th bday? I felt like I only had 5 years left. I’m almost 28 and instead counting down the days until my 30th birthday, I am enjoying every single year and am proud of the woman I’ve become!


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