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If  2018 is going to be anything like  2017, we’re in for a fast-paced year of change and growth. With this knowledge, it’s time to start implementing ways to manage the coming year and combat the excess that could reduce our focus. However good or bad the past year has gone for you, we can all benefit from simple living to help us breathe easier and live more focused and fulfilling lives.

After the Christmas, most of us are probably exhausted. Following all the festivities and accumulations of the past year, our closets and drawers are most likely spilling over and it’s easy to get bogged down by all this stuff.  A clear space allows for a clear mind. That is why minimalism and simple living is the practice to follow in 2018. Here are some rituals you need to follow to live simple and make your dreams your main focus.


1. Single-tasking

Single-tasking is exactly what it sounds like. Focussing on one thing at one moment. As Career Girls, this is tough to do. You seem to find yourself with a multitude of different to-dos and deadlines on your mind constantly, however, this, in fact, can be counterproductive. Yes, it’s great to be aware of what you need to accomplish, but with so much going on in your mind, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of it all and begin to panic without reason! Stresses always snowball in your mind when you place too much emphasis on them and it’s easy to lose concentration on the priorities.

Declutter your mind and calm down all at once by only focussing on one thing and pushing all the rest to the outskirts. For example, when eating breakfast take the time to enjoy it and relieve yourself of any distraction such as your phone. Or simply sit and observe when on transport. If you get really good, you might even be able to keep only one tab open at a time when online!

Single-tasking is a luxury few of us allow ourselves to have, be kind to yourself and aim to do it at least once a day!


2. Live consciously

Living consciously is to remove any wishy-washy excuses or statements from your day. There are no such things as “maybe’s” or “I’m not sure’s…”- make a conscious effort to eradicate them from your day. Be tough on your decision making and live guilt-free, without regret.

Take time out of your day to really think about what you want and expect from every part of your life, whether it be work, social, familial etc. From there work out how to achieve these desires, I’m not saying be selfish, but there are times when you must put yourself first and that’s usually when the situation will directly affect your life. Be considerate but firm.

Living consciously also means to be aware of yourself. Things such as your expenditure, know how much money you get, where it is spent and aim to stick to a weekly set budget. Additionally, take note of your strengths and weaknesses and play up or improve where necessary. No one’s perfect, but by taking a meticulous interest in yourself you can live purposefully and not carelessly. Keeping you on track in 2018.


3. Take twenty minutes to tidy

Every day, allow yourself twenty minutes to tidy up your space. It’s not that long when you think about how many hours you have leftover! Also, decluttering refreshes your mind, easing any tensions. You can even use it as an excuse to exercise, blare out some tunes and shimmy your way through the task with oomph. That way you can also dispel any pent-up aggravation!

Having clutter around causes distraction and loss of focus. And if you need more incentive, keeping the place clean during the week means there won’t be any need to complete delayed chores on the weekend, allowing for more me-time!


4. Cut the cord

Reduce your exposure to technology. This probably seems impossible to many of us who rely on technology for work, news, and communication, but reducing it isn’t getting rid of it entirely! Instead, it’s setting boundaries, so you can allow yourself more time to work towards your goals, rather than cyberstalk your woman crush! Try to limit yourself to a few hours of TV per week, or only 30 minutes of social media stalking per day.

Restricting your intake of technology also allows for better sleep, giving your more zest in the mornings! Likewise, other peoples images and updates can be a cause of distraction and stress for those who of us who can’t help comparing ourselves to others. Just remember all that glitters is not gold and most people will only project the best version of themselves for others to see!

By limiting your exposure to technology, you can make more time for the things and people that matter and clear out some of the unnecessary noise stopping you from simple living.


Any tips on how you simplify your life? Let us know in the comments…



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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I tend to stretch myself too thin and the single-tasking point definitely struck a cord with me! I’ll be using your advice for sure, very well thought out points.

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