Jennifer Aniston’s Morning Routine Is Her Secret To Glowing Skin

Jennifer Aniston's morning routine
photo: Scott Frances for Architectural Digest


Ah, weekday mornings. We spend hours cursing ourselves for not going to bed earlier, and deciding what to wear. Even if you’re not a morning person, the early hours can set your whole day up for success. We’re always looking for new ways to make the most out of our time. So why not take some tips from Jennifer Aniston’s morning routine?

Wake up early and drink hot water and lemon

“If I’m working, I’m up at 4:30, 5 a.m. If not, between 8 and 9 a.m., because I’m a late-night person—I putter. But usually when I wake up, I’ll make my standard cup of hot water with a slice of lemon in there.”

Keep it simple

“Then I wash my face—my whole face regime is just soap and water to wake myself up, then some sort of Aveeno daily moisturizer that’s got SPF in it. It’s quick. I never linger too long anywhere, to be honest; things need to be as easy as possible [for me]. And when I’m on a movie I don’t have time to be leisurely, so then my whole routine gets sped up.”

After that, it’s breakfast time. “Usually I’ll have a shake, with some sort of pure protein, then bananas, blueberries, frozen cherries, stevia, a vegetable mix of dynamic greens that goes in there, maca powder, and a little cacao. There’s a collagen peptide that I’ve been loving—I’ve been seeing a difference! My nails are stronger and there’s a healthier… how do you explain it? A glow. It’s sort of that working from the inside-out thing.”

If she doesn’t have a shake she’ll have toast and poached eggs with some avocado, or cereal with almond milk and bananas. After that, it’s a yoga, spin class and gym workout with a trainer. She likes to mix up her routine so her body doesn’t get used to it, then she’ll head to work or go about her day as normal!

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  • HALE

    I make sure to drink hot water every morning!
    Aleeha xXx

  • MihaBalan

    I barely manage to get to my coffee in the morning but I also drink water with lemon almost every morning. I drink it for skin and because I read that helps loosing weight.

  • Mila S

    Too bad…. 😬It’s 6:02 and I’m still on my phone #help

    x Mila

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