How A Simple Notebook Can Increase You Productivity

Writing something down is proven to be way more effective than just taking mental notes when it comes to staying on track to achieve your goals, it allows you to organise your thoughts, work out how far you have come and how far you have left. Being able to look back over your achievements is way more satisfying and can sometimes be the exact push you need if you feel yourself wandering off track, which, rest assured, is a very common feeling amongst us Career Girls from time to time.

# The Small Things

Writing down a simple achievement each day may seem silly, finishing the laundry is hardly world changing but if it makes you feel productive then it’s worth jotting down. On those days where you have a million and one things to be doing but would just love to snuggle up on the sofa it can be a great idea to read over all of those little things you have achieved and just remind yourself you can do it!

#2 The Big Things

We all have aspirations, dreams and goals, whether they be in life, relationships or our careers. If there is something you aspire to then tracking your journey to reach that end goal is the best way of ensuring you work hard and don’t slack.

#3 Work through the challenges

Writing down the problems you run into can be the best way of working out how to overcome them, it allows you time to think, process and create a solution. Having your past challenges written down in a journal can make you feel in control and on top of things should it happen again as you know you have the ability to overcome anything that is thrown at you, and you have written evidence to prove so.

#4 Put a date on it

Giving yourself a specific time frame for certain goals can really help you to prioritise, be realistic and you can really find that you push yourself to achieve what you set out to do. Even just writing down a goal can make you feel more productive, as you have taken the first step into committing to achieving it, setting a time frame can just help you to feel in control and even more focused.

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