5 Simple Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Extra Cozy

I’ve recently just moved into a new house, and I’m taking it room by room, decorating it slowly until its perfect.

So, far the only room that I can say that is fully completed is my bedroom. It’s my sanctuary, so it’s really important that the decor is perfect for giving me that cozy feeling as soon as I get home from work.

We all want a bed that we can just dive into as soon we get in – not only that but as we spend the majority of the time in our bedrooms, it’s essential that they have all the right components that make it comfortable, cozy and refreshing!

If your bedroom is missing some of these elements right now then scroll down for our top tips:


1. Add Layers




You can make your room feel super cozy by just adding layers. And it’s super easy to do! Have your color scheme decided and layer your bed full of throws that will make it irresistible to jump into. To finish this, I would recommend bigger, fuller pillows with a few spread around that will snuggling up on a Sunday that much better!



2. Keep It Light, Keep It Warm




When working with colors think warm and bright. Colder colors will make you less likely to feel as comfortable in your room and you’ll always be looking for ways to make it warmer. But as copper, rose gold and pink are trending colors at the moment it means that it’s a lot easier to do this.



3. It’s All In The Details




Your room should be your sanctuary. It should be a total reflection of you and a space that picks you up and inspires you. So, you want to display and fill it with the things that you love that make you happy like little trinkets and decorations that fill up space and add to the value of your room.




4. Go Urban




Lately, I’m seeing a lot of beds assembled on the floor. And it’s a sweeping trend that will give your room an urban, relaxed feel. What I would do to master this look is to add green elements like hanging plants to make it less minimal, and counteract the colder colors with wood to make it warmer.




5. Clean And Linen




Linen is in! And it adds a cool touch to your bedroom that instantly makes you feel more relaxed and at ease. Not only that but linen bedsheets are super comfy! It will also add a freshness to your room that will make you wake up every day feeling refreshed.
And if you are to experiment with colder colors, then again I would use woody touches to add some warmth.


Q. How would you like to decorate your room?



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  1. You have clever ideas . I liked all of your suggestions. Even the blueberry and cream. Have a great day.

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