5 Simple Tricks That Will Turn Every Day Into An Adventure



Sometimes, life may get a little repetitive. That’s why you need to turn every day into an adventure!

We go to work, at the same time every day, get home, make dinner, go to sleep and do it all over again the next day.

But, why not turn follow these simple tricks to turn every day into an everyday adventure?

So, instead of living for the weekend, we’ve found a way that you can make every day matter. Because after all, the purpose of life is to live it.

And you can achieve this by taking advantage of these new adventures:



Book a trip away

I’m not talking about taking a few months off to travel the world – even though we wish we could!

But, most of us can find the time to take the day or weekend off from our busy schedules to get away and jet off somewhere exciting.

Getting out of your city and exploring somewhere new is a great way bring joy and adventure into your life. Whether it’s a quick city break or a relaxing trip to the country, be spontaneous, don’t plan, pack a bag and go!


Take a different route to work

You’ll be amazed what a difference this can actually make to your day. It may take you a little longer than usual to get to work and you may lose some beauty sleep but, instead of being stuck on the same commute each day, why not try walking or cycling to work?

If your work isn’t a million miles away and doesn’t require public transport, simply spending more time outside will cheer you up.

Did you know it has been proven to increase your brain power too? So get your walking shoes on!


Make plans for after

Finding the right balance between working hard and achieving a great social life during the week is a tricky one to grasp.

But, if we’re always working, how are we ever meant to find the time to spend our hard-earned dollar?

Whether it’s trying out a new restaurant with friends, or going on a spontaneous date night with your partner, socializing shouldn’t have to wait until the weekend.

Instead of rushing home to put your pj’s and Netflix on, get dressed up and prepare for an adventure-fuelled night. 


Put yourself forward

This week, for me, has been all about taking initiative and finding more ways to take on responsibility. Why not take a chance and do something out of the ordinary?

Impress your boss with new projects and ideas to find ways to make yourself more valuable.

It may be daunting stepping out your comfort zone but, challenging yourself can help you perform at your peak. Having a positive can-do attitude is one of the most attractive attributes in any line of work.

Don’t underestimate yourself, or your abilities and carry out your work-load with enthusiasm and dedication.


Try something new

There’s always something rewarding about trying something new. Have you ever been presented with a new challenge, only to walk away wishing you’d have said yes?

However small it may be, whether it’s asking your crush on a date, or learning a new language, be bold because those are the things that will make you feel empowered and ready for any obstacles that may come your way.

So girls, your task for the week is to just say YES!


Q. How do you incorporate adventure into your life?



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  1. I agree that planning a little hangout sesh with friends after work is nice. You have something to look forward to, and if annoyances happen throughout the day, you can have a good rant with friends then forget about it over a good meal and a drink or too ;)


  2. Trying a new restaurant and taking a different route home are great and doable ways to add a little adventure into our lives. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I get really lost while driving in an unfamiliar area
    so I can learn the major landmarks in the area while I find my way home.

  4. I like to change things up and try new things & challenge myself. I ask for advice but not permission in life…

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